Civil War Timeline

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  • Battle of Galveston

    -The Union made a blockade to stop the trade of goods.
    -Tx won the battle against the Union.
    -A union ship was captured. Second battle of Galveston,
    -It was a Confederate victory.
    -A total of 650 people died.
    -One of the Confederacy's greatest successes.
  • Battle of Sabine Pass

    Battle of Sabine Pass
    -Union planned to take over the fort that protected the pass.
    -Confederacy won.
    -Texans captured 300 Union soldiers.
  • Red River Campaign

    Red River Campaign
    -Union tried to invade TX again by moving up the Red River in Louisiana.
    -Biggest battle fought west of the Mississippi river.
    -Ended in a draw.
  • Battle of Laredo

    Battle of Laredo
    -Union soldiers tried to storm Laredo.
    -Union wanted to burn all of the cotton,
    -TX won again by driving out the Union soldiers.
  • Battle at Palmito Ranch

    Battle at Palmito Ranch
    -TX would not admit the defeat when Lee surrendered.
    -TX captured more than 100 Union soldiers.
    -ssTX won, but the win meant nothing.
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