Civil War Events

Timeline created by Mai Ben Arie
  • Uncle tom's cabin

    Uncle tom's cabin
    Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a anti - slavery novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe, published in 1852.
    It created an heartfelt and intense effect on attitudes toward African slaves in the U.S. It talked about the experience of slavery.
    Stowe started getting many letter threats by Southern Americans. The book is now banned.
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    Union blockade

    The Union blockade was a strategic blockade the union put by the united stated to prevent the confederacy from trading goods and weapons, they wanted the south’s economy to collapse. This was President Lincoln's Idea. It was located near the Atlantic ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Southern United states. The blockade had 12 major ports.
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  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    Fort Sumter was built to protect Charleston, South Carolina, from invasions. The Fort was attacked in 1861, the south ambushed the North because they wanted to be independent. The people there had to evacuate immediately. Almost none were injured except one solder because a cannon accidentally exploded. These were the first shots and he was the first man to die in the Civil war.
  • First Battle of Bull Run

    First Battle of Bull Run
    There were two battles near Manassas and this is the first one. The union had 35,000 soldiers while the confederates had 20,000 soldiers. The confederates won this battle even though they had less soldiers. The union lost 3,000 men while the confederates only 1,750.
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    Battle of the Ironclads

    The battle occurred in Virginia. Two ironclads sank two of union’s warships and pushed one ship near the shallow water. The Union then understood that the ships were not strong enough to survive getting hit by the ironclads. They knew they needed to rebuilt it, and make it tougher. Even though there was some damage done to the ships the land stayed "untouched." This was a victory for both sides.
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    Shiloh battle

    The confederates launched a surprise attack on the Union. This was the first major battle in the Civil War, it occurred in Tennessee. It was one of the most horrible battles, it caused 23,000 to die and get injured. Their attack got delayed which helped the union win.
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    Seven Days Battles

    This battle occurred near Richmond in Viginia, and lasted seven days, it was one of the biggest battles in the Civil War. Even though the union forces tried to capture the confederate capital of Richmond but were not successful, both claimed to be victorious.
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    Second Battle of Bull Run

    There were two battles near Manassas and this is the second one.
    General Lee was made to be a great tactician after their win.
    This also gave them better chances when invading the north.
  • Antietam battle

    Antietam battle
    The battle occurred in Maryland. 22,717 soldiers from both sides died, or got wounded. They fought for about 12 hours. Finally the union won the battle which allowed President Lincoln to release his plan, the Emancipation Proclamation which will happen on September 22, 1862.
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    Fredericksburg battle

    The battle occurred at Virginia. Confederates won even though they were largely out numbered. The union suffered many fatalities. This was a low point of the war for them .They lost because of miscommunication between burnside and general chief of all union's army Henry Halleck. Confederate soldiers set behind a stone wall and attacked at the right time. This was a very strategic move by general Lee.
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    Chancellorsville battle

    This battle occurred in Chancellorsville Virginia. This battle is also called “the perfect battle” because general Lee made a risky decision. That selection helped the Confederates win the battle but lose one of their most important generals (General thomas Jackson). Many soldiers from both sides died in this battle.
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    Vicksburg battle

    The battle occurred in Mississippi. The Union attacked two different times because general Grant was angry at them. The union’s win split the confederacy apart and gave the Union complete control of the Mississippi river. The confederacy’s army suffered 32,363 casualties, the union’s army suffered 4.910 casualties. This was a turning point for the war. After 47 days the Union finally won.
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    Gettysburg battle

    The fight started out as a chance encounter between the Union and Confederate Forces. The Confederate Forces didn’t know the Union had an army there already. They fought each other for three days The battle had a large amount of casualties The Union won at the end but lost many. About 50,000 or more soldiers died from both sides in the war.
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    Battle of Chickamauga

    The battle of Battle of Chickamauga occurred in Catoosa County and Walker County. This was the largest victory the confederates had in western theater. The confederates had 18,454 casualties while the union had only 16,170 casualties, which is a big number as well but less than them.
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    Battle of the Wilderness

    The battle took place in Northern Virginia. The battle ended inconclusively so none of them won. There were many casualties for both sides. This battle revealed that the general from both sides were very intelligent and great leaders. Since it was the wilderness it was very difficult to fight but they still did.
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    Battle of Cold Harbor

    The battle occurred near Mechanicsville in Virginia, and lasted 13 days. This battle was a very big win for the confederates. It was a major defeat for the union, and had 18,000 casualties.
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    Sherman's March to the Sea

    Sherman's March to the Sea was a Civil War military campaign that took place throughout Georgia by the union army. General Williams led about 60,000 soldiers on a march from Atlanta to Savannah. They wanted to scare civillins into abandoning the confederates cause. They did not harm of the civilians but they did destroyed many of their properties.
  • Appomattox Court House

    Appomattox Court House
    The confederates were completely surrounded with no way to escape. 164 soldiers died or got hurt. Confederate general Lee surrendered to Union general grant. General grant agree to general Lee’s surrender terms. This allowed his men to return home. Which ended the American civil war.
  • Lincoln assassination

    Lincoln assassination
    Lincoln was killed by John Wilkes Booth Confederate sympathizer
    He was shot in the head at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C.
    They wanted to kidnap him and exchange him for confederate men that were caught in battle and made prisoners. Lincoln got wounded and died in the morning. He was 56 years old when he died.
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    Battle of Palmito Ranch

    The fight took place in Palmito Ranch near Brownsville, and lasted for one day. Many consider it as the final battle in the war. It was the confederates won even though it technically occurred after the war ended. They attacked because they wanted to get Brownsville back. There weren’t as many deaths in this battle as the other battles but people still died.