Civil war events

  • Fugitive slave act

    A comprimise was made stating that all slaves were to be sent back to the south but the north ignored the law.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Kansas and Nebraska were able to choose whether or not to have slavery. It only led to fights between people who wanted slavery and free soilers.
  • Dred Scott Decision

    Dred Scott went to the supreme court asking for his freedom since he was living in a free state with his master. The supreme Court turnd him down saying "slaves are property and you can take property anywhere".
  • Harpers Ferry

    John Brown an Abolisionist led a group of men to cause an uprising and before he could he was caught and hung for treason.
  • face to face

    Lincoln runs agianst 3 People who wanted slavey
  • The fist state seceded

    The first state secedes:South Carolina
  • Why secede

    Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Loussiana, Texas, and South Carolina sceded and with that formed the Confederate states of America and elected Jefferson Davis for president.