Civil War

  • The Missouri Compromise

    This compromise was to end slavery in the western territories and prohibited slavery in these territories. it was repealed by the kansas-nebraska act witch would allow slaves in kansas and nebrasa.
  • Period: to

    The Mexican War

    A conflict between the United states and mexico over where texas ended. mexico thought it was theres and the united states thought it was theres so a war broke out over it. This is a civil war because it is between two countries.
  • Dred scott decision

    this is related to slavery becasue he went to court to sue for his freedom because he was tired of being a slave
  • Compromise of 1850

    This is related to slavery because california wanted to become and free stte and that would mess up the balance of free state and slave states.
  • Fugitive slave act of 1850

    This is related to slavery becuase all of the slaves that had escaped to northeren states would have to return to their owners in the sourthern states.
  • Kansas- Nebraska act

    The kansas-nebraska act is related to slavery because it gave the white man to deterimine if it was okay to have slaves in the territory.
  • Period: to

    Bleeding kansas

    Bleeding kansas is kinda related to both becasue the united states is fighting each other over anti slavery in kansas.
  • Bleeding sumner

    this is related to civil war becasue two senators got into a fight and charles sumner was beat to death by preston brooks
  • john brown's raid on harpers ferry

    this is related to both because it is a civil war between john browns mini army and the united states marines and it is related to slavery because he was going on a revolt becasue he wanted slaves.
  • Election of 1860

    Was a major election between the north and south where aberham licion would win with no suport of the south. this cause fights/civil wars between the united states
  • Fort sumter

    was a battle near south carolina that really started the american civil war.
  • South carolina sucedes from the uniom

    south caraolina was the first of seven states to sucede from the union witch created the confederate. this is related to civil war because they are fighting between each other
  • Period: to

    anaconda plan

    was a plan by the union that called for naval blockade of the confederate. they would then control the mississippi and would then end the civil war.
  • Battle of antietam

    Was the first major battle in the civil war and was known as the bloodiest battle of the civil war. it took place on union soil.
  • Emanci[ation proclamation

    was the major proclamation by abraham lincoln that gave freedom to slaves in the other 10 states
  • Battle of gettysburg

    This was a fight around gettysburg pennsylvania between the union and confederate. it is realted to the civil war because the united states is fighting between themselfs
  • Shermans march to the sea

    Was a campaign in the american civil war. it is related to civil war because they were fighting each other
  • confederate surrender at appomattox courthouse

    Was the finial battle on the civil war before the confederate surreneded to the union.