civil war causes

  • Period: to

    1800 civil war causes

  • congress raises tariffs

    congress raises tariffs
    Congress raises tariffs with the Tariff of Abominations. The tariffs support American industry and benifit the northern industrial economy, but damage southern agricultural economy.
  • nat tuner

    nat tuner
    Nat Turner Rebellion Virginia, over 60 whites were killed. Turner was on the run for or nearly two months, but was caught and hanged.this supports sectionism because it made the south mad because they thought slaves were getting smarter and not so afraid of their masters.
  • tariff act 1832

    tariff act 1832
    Tariff Act of 1832 reduces duties, but the South is still dissatisfied they threaten secession to the north South Carolina's legislature organizes an army and declares the tariffs null and void.
  • new slave state

    new slave state
    Arkansas becomes the twenty fifth state and enters the Union as a slave state, and makes northern people mad about having another slave state. And promotes secession.
  • underground railraod

    underground railraod
    The Underground Railroad is formally organized and is
    Lead by black abolitionist Robert Purvis. this promotes secession.
  • Frederick Douglass

    Frederick Douglass
    Former slave (Frederick Douglass) publishes his autobiography (the Life of Frederick Douglass) this makes southern people very mad and he is murdered after the book is out to public. his murder makes northern states mad and creates more tension and more sectionism between North and South
  • attack on Harpers Ferry

    attack on Harpers Ferry
    John Brown attacks Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Robert E. Lee, a Federal leads the troops and captures Brown. John Brown and two of the black members of his band were hanged. this made the south mad because they thought he was trying to arm slaves and trying to get them to fight for the north. this promoted even more sectionism.