Civil war Battles

  • Battle of fort Sumter

    Battle of fort Sumter
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    Location of Battle- Charleston, South Carolina
    Union commander-Robert Anderson
    Confederate commander- Pierre G.T. Beargard
    deaths- none
    Signifigance- Major Anderson sympathized with the south (being a Kentucky native himself) General Anderson and Beargard marched to west point together: Which showed that both commander wanted a clean battle but even though they were "friends" their duties came 1st
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    Civil war Battles

  • First Battle of Bull Run

    First Battle of Bull Run
    <a href='http://' Location of Battle- Near Richmond, Virginia
    Union Commander- Irvin McDower
    Confederate commander- Pierre G.T Beargard
    deaths- about 847
    wounded men- 2,706
    signifigance- The northerners felt confident that the southerners would leave their capital but just 30 miles into virginia they met a small army of Confederates the twon armys clashed at Manassas, Junction . And The first Battle of bull run was the first major battle of the civil war
  • Battle of Fort Donelson

    Battle of Fort Donelson
    Location-Northwestern Tennesse
    Union commanders-General Ulysses S. Grant and Andrew Hull Foote
    Confederate commanders-Gideon J. Pillow, John Buchanan Floyde, and Simeon B . Buckener
    Wounded men-3,103
    Sig-Ulysses S. Grant captured the river outposts of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson. When one of the Generals asked Grant what terms he would accept the forts surrender, Grant replied "No terms except an unconditional and immediate"
  • Monitor battles the Merramic

    Monitor battles the Merramic
    Location -Hampton Roads,Virginia
    Union commander-John L. wardon
    confederate commanders-Franklin Buchanan and Catesby R. Jones
    Deaths/wounded-around 393 men
    sig.No one won the battle but was the only battle between two iron ships
  • Battle of Shiloh

    Battle of Shiloh
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    Location of Battle-Shiloh,Tennessee
    Union commander-General Grant
    Confederate commander- General Albert S. Johnston
    wounded men-20,000
    signifigance-Both sides suffered heavy losses and when it seemed that the south had won the battle the Union troops came and forced the Confederates to retreat
  • New Orleans falls to the Union

    New Orleans falls to the Union
    Location of Battle-New Olreans , Louisiana
    Union Commander-David G. Farragut and Benjamin Butler
    Confederate commander-Mansfield Lovell
    Sig.The Union won
  • seven days battle

    seven days battle
    'http:// of Battle-Henerico, county, Virginia
    Union Commander-George B . McClellan
    Confederate commander-Robert E . Lee
    deaths/wounded-About 29,052
    Sig. General Lee was looking as a fine leader while McCellans campahign was crashing down,
  • Second battle of bull run

    Second battle of bull run
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    Location of Battle- Near Manassasa , Virginia
    Union commander- John Pope
    Confederate commander- Robert E .Lee
    Deaths- 847
    Wounded men- 2,706
    signifigance- General Robert E .Lee led 48,000 men to victory over 75,000 Union troops under the command of General John Pope
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    Location- Washington county,Maryland
    Union commander- General George B. McClellan
    Confederate Commander-Robert E .Lee
    signifigance - General Lee demanded to leave the civilians alone because he thought war should only be fought by men
  • Battle of Fredricksburg

    Battle of Fredricksburg
    Location:Fredricksburg, Virginia
    union leader:Ambrose E. Burnside
    Confederate:Robert E. Lee
    Signifigance-in December 1862, Burnside attempted to capture Fredricksbuirg,Virginia but Lee and Jackson defeated his Union troops.
  • The fall of Vicksburg

    The fall of Vicksburg
    'http://McClellan’s Peninsular Campaign'
    Location-Warren county, Mississppi
    Union commander-Ulysses S. Grant
    Confederate commander-John C.Pemberton
    sig. was named "One of the most brilliant military campagins of the war" and witht the defeat of Pembertons army and this crucial fortress on the Mississppi the Confederacy was split into two
  • Battle of gettysburg

    Battle of gettysburg
    Union Commander-George G. Meade
    Confederate Commander- Robert E. Lee
    Deaths-Over 70,000
    Wounded men-44,000
    Signifigance- The battle of Gettysburg was the souths last hope,The batttle lasted for three days . On July 3, General George E. Pickett with 15,000 men was sent to a brave assult on the ridge known as the Picketts charge. by the end of the battle General Lee was forced to retreat
  • Battle of Chickamauga

    Battle of Chickamauga
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    Union Commanders-Generals William Rosecran and General Thomas
    Confederate commander- General Braxton Braggs
    Deaths- 3,969
    wounded men-24,430
    sig.This battle was important because the Confederates defeated the Union troops and forced them to depart from Chatnooga
  • Battle of Chatanooga

    Battle of Chatanooga
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    Location of Battle- Chatanooga, Tennesse
    Union Commander- General Ulysses S. Grant
    Confederate Commanders- General Bragg
    Deaths- About 12,485
    Sig.- This Battle was important because the Union forces came back from their loss in Chickamauga and defeated the
  • Sherman march begins

    Sherman march begins
    'http://McClellan’s Peninsular Campaign'
    Union commander-General William Tecumseh Sherman
    Confederate Commander- John Bell Hood
    deaths- around 3,100
    sig.Shermans troops demolished everything within a 60 miles range from Atlanta to the Sea , Shermans troops burned down the city of Atlanta, After destroying Atlanta he headed for Columbia the capital of South Carolina and killed it : The south was devestating
  • Fall of Atlanta

    Fall of Atlanta
    'http://McClellan’s Peninsular Campaign'
    Location-Fulton county
    Union Commander- Major General William T . Sherman
    Confederate Commander- General John Bell Hood
    Sig-This Battle was important because it gave the Union another victory
  • Surrender at Appomattox

    Surrender at Appomattox
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    Location -Appomattox,Virginia
    Union commander-General Grant
    Confederate Commander- General Lee
    Sig. - General Lee explained to General Grant how his men were surrendering and dying and to end the war , General Lee was astonished and took the initiative and said the entire army of Northern Viginia must surrender and the confederates would go home and any man with their horse or mule to go homeand all officers to keep their side arms
  • grant seizes petersburg and richmond

    grant seizes petersburg and richmond
    location-petersburg and richmond, virginia
    union-General williams tecumseh sherman
    commander-General Grant
    sig-Nine moinths of the battle and the Confederacy was dissolved
  • The battle of Palmito

    The battle of Palmito
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    Location of battle-Cameron county, Texas
    Union Commander-Theodore Harvey
    Confederate commander-John Salmon Ford
    Sig.- The battle of Palmito was important becasue it was the last Battle of the Civil war