Civil War Battle Timeline

  • Battle of Fort Sumter

    The confederacy won this battle, When president Abraham Lincoln stationed his men in Sumter, giving them supplies. Confederate General Jefferson Davis, was watching Lincoln's men, as he was giving them supplies. What Jefferson didn't know was Lincoln was intimidating him, so that the Confederate army would attack first to seem like they started to war, Lincoln was only supplying his men with Food and Water, no guns or ammunition. This is the first battle that started to Civil War, Union Vs. Conf
  • 1st Battle of Bull Run

    Lincoln ordered an attack on the Confederacy, but the Union ended up retreating because of their poor fighting in this battle. This defeat gave the Confederacy a sense of war confidence to beat the Union, if they knew they could be Great Britain, it wouldn't be very hard to beat the Union in a war.
  • Battle of Shiloh

    In the Battle of Shiloh General Ulysses S. Grant became an Elite taking control of the Union army against the Confederacy. This battle is one to remember because it lasted only 2 days and General Grant has done something no other General has done yet. The Union were defeated on Day 1, but through the night Grant ordered for Reinforcements which has not been heard of before in American War History before. When day 2 hit of the Battle of Shiloh, The Union left the battlefield victoriously.
  • Battle of Antietam

    General Lee's whole point of the battle was to get Maryland over to the Confederate side, considering Maryland already was part of the Union but held slaves. So General McClellan has gotten the battle plans from the confederate side. All in good in the Unions favor, they did not make a flawless victory they should have made, they won the battle but they let men from the Confederacy Escape/Flee. This battle gave way for Lincoln to announce the emancipation proclamation, as it showed the power of
  • Battle of Freidrickburg

    General McClellan was fired for a wrong battle strategy, as he sent his men out in a open plain field to front assault on the Confederacy. The Union lost 13,000 Men in this slaughter. General Burnside took over McClellans Position.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Lee's intention was to get the war out of Virginia, and so he instead of defending to took the war to the North which was a bad Idea. The Union had the high ground in this battle and General Lee ordered a Frontal Assault on the Union, and his men had gotten slaughtered horribly, and the defeat was a great triumph, causing General Lee to retreat. This is one of the Turning Points in the war.
  • Battle of Vicksburg

    General Grant invaded the town of Vicksburg in a flank, Instead of coming from the North and attacking, they went around the Mississippi and behind the Town of Vicksburg. They took control and siege the Mississippi River and split the south into two parts so they couldn't send ammunition and supplies back and forth from the Mississippi, making it easier for them to transport supplies and goods down south faster through boat down the river then on land.
  • Sherman Burns Atland

    General Sherman gave orders to burn all public buildings and machine shops in Atlanta.
  • Surrender-Appomattox

    General Lee was determined to make one last attempt to escape the Union and get supplies at Lynch-burg. the Confederates advanced, blockaded against Sheridan’s cavalry. Lee’s army was now surrounded on three sides. Lee surrendered and soon more and more of he south surrendered with General Lee. Confederacy winning the war.