Civil War Battle

  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    Here is the battle that ignited the Civil War.
    The leader for the Confederates was Robert E. Lee.
    Confederates won
  • First Battle of Bull Run

    First Battle of Bull Run
    Leaders: Union-McDowell
    Confederate-Beauregard and Stonewall Jackson
    Confederates won
    This was the first battle in the Civil War
  • Battle of Shiloh

    Battle of Shiloh
    Where: MississippiLeaders/People:Union: General Ulysses S. Grant & William “Tecumseh” ShermanConfederacy: General BeauregardWho won: Union
    Important? Strategic win toward Union control of Mississippi River
  • Fall of New Orleans

    Fall of New Orleans
    Where: Louisiana - Mississippi River (Naval Battle)Leaders/People:Union: Captain David FarragutWho won: UnionImportant?Completed Union control of Mississippi River.South couldn’t use the port or river to carry goods to sea.
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    Where: MarylandLeaders/People:Union: General McClellanConfederacy: General LeeWho won: Neither sideImportant? Union able to prevent Lee from moving the war into Northern land.Caused Emancipation Proclamation
  • Battle of Fredericksburg

    Battle of Fredericksburg
    Where: VirginiaLeaders/People:Union: General Ambrose BurnsideConfederacy: General LeeWho won: ConfederacyImportant? South won again!
  • Battle of Chancelorsville

    Battle of Chancelorsville
    Where: VirginiaLeaders/People:Union: General Joseph HookerConfederacy: General Lee & General JacksonWho won: ConfederacyImportant? Ruined Union plan of attacking Richmond
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg
    Where: PennsylvaniaLeaders/People:Union: General Meade Confederacy: General Lee & General George PickettWho won: UnionImportant? Ended Confederate hope of help from Britain and France“The Day the South Died": Turning point of the war
  • The Vicksburg Siege

    The Vicksburg Siege
    Where: MississippiLeaders/People: Union: General Ulysses S. Grant Confederacy: Everyone!Who won: UnionImportant? Major turning pointConfederacy split in half & lost control of the Mississippi River in the South
  • Wilderness Campaign

    Wilderness Campaign
    Dense forests called the Wilderness Between Washington D.C. and RichmondBoth sides struggled with the conditions and had many casualties
    Brushfires burned alive 200 wounded men
  • Farragut at Mobile Bay

    Farragut at Mobile Bay
    David Farragut led an attack of 18 ships into Mobile Bay in AlabamaConfederates attacked with torpedoes & fired on the shipsFarragut kept going & the Union invasion worked.Union took the last Southern port east of the Mississippi
  • Sherman's March to Sea

    Sherman's March to Sea
    Sherman’s March to the Seaburned cities and farmlands across Georgia to the Atlantic coastcontinued destruction through the Carolinasdestroyed anything useful to the SouthTook food, tore up railroad lines and fields, and killed livestock 1000s of enslaved people were freed
  • Fall of Richmond/Surrender at Appomattox

    Fall of Richmond/Surrender at Appomattox
    April 2, 1865: Confederates and Lee withdrew & the Union moved on towards Richmond.When Jefferson Davis heard that Lee retreated from Petersburg and the Union was moving to Richmond, he started destroying Richmond.Documents were burnedBridges and weapons were set on fire Davis and his cabinet fled the cityAfter Fall of Richmond, Lee & Jefferson Davis retreatedLee continued to fight Lee accepted the surrender to GrantIn the little town of Appomattox