Civil War Askari,Alston

By missb
  • Red River Campaign

    These union troops had left Brownsville to take part in the Red River Campaign union leaders wanted to invade Northeastern Texas from Louisanna along the Red River.
  • Battle of Galveston

    It was vital to the confederacy. Magruders men converted to steamboats to gunboats. It left in union control, northernforces could easily sweep into texas
  • Battle of Bull Run

    Union army marched south to capture richmond. Confederate forces stopped the advance at their fisrt battle: Battle of Bull Run.
  • Union Blockade

    It blockaded Texas ports by the summer of 1862.
  • Battle of Glorieta Pass

    Union troops met part of sibley's force in this battle union forces kept control of the southwest for the rest of the war.
  • Battle of Shiloh

    This battle could have been a huge victory for the confederacy.However, with its loss and the immense loss of human life on both sides leaders began to realize that the civil war wouldnt quickly end.
  • Battle of Antietem

    It gave president Lincoln the victory he needed to deliver the emancipation proclimation.Also it was the single bloodiest day in American history.
  • Battle of Vicksburg

    Victory in the battle of Vicksburg gave control of the Mississippi river to the union.Mississippi was the place where they mostly transported goods.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    It was the turning point in the war. It was the furthest north the confederacy from moving moving onto Philadelphia or New York or going back south to Washington DC.
  • Battle of Sabine pass

    this union did not intend to leave Galveston in confederate hands.
  • Emanicipation Proclamation

    The us troops of Texas took control of Civil War. When Union General Gordan Granger landed at Galveston in 1865 , he issued a Proclamation freeing Texas slaves.
  • Lee's surrender

    Over the next several months eleven southern states formed the confederate.
  • Battle Of Palmito Ranch

    Words of Lee's surrender reached confederate troops in Brownsville area by May 1865. Hundreds of soldiers left their posts from home.