Civil War (1861-1862)

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  • Confederacy formed

    Confederacy formed
    On this day several slave states of America joined and formed the Confederacy. The president at that time and congress thought that this act was illegal.
  • Started

    On this day the Confederates fired the first shots upon Fort Summer, which held some of the Union troops. Lincoln called for more troops to come and take the base again.
  • Seceding

    Virginia Secedes from the union on this day. They were a heavy slave state and they didn't believe in Lincolns views. There were a couple other states that did this too.
  • Blockade

    On this day Lincoln made a proclemation that he would put up a blockade. The blockade would stop trading and things like that between the north and south.
  • Resignation

    Robert E. Lee resigns from the union army on this day. His reason for doing this is because he couldn't fight his birthtown.
  • Bull Run

    Bull Run
    The Confederates went to battle at bull run and they lost. They were under leadership by General Irvin McDowell. They went up agains General Thomas J. Jackson.
  • Appointing

    On this day Lincoln appointed George B. McClellan as the new Commander of the Department of the Potomac. He appointed him to replace Robert E. Lee.
  • Move in

    Move in
    On this day Lincoln issues General War Order number 1. Which means that all of the unions land and sea troops will make and advance on the Confederates.
  • Fort Henry

    Fort Henry
    General Grant led his troops to a win on this day. This was one of the first battles that happened in the Civil war.
  • Naval Battle

    Naval Battle
    The confederacy and the union faught in a naval battle on this day, The confederates sunk two of the unions wooded ships and then the third union ship ended the battle in a draw.
  • Unprepared

    On this day the confederate troops were advancing on the union. General Grants troops were unprepared at got ambused by the confederates.
  • Union advances

    Union advances
    On this day the union sailed up the mississippi river through some of the rebel minefeilds. Later that day they took overNew Orleans.
  • Seven days battle

    Seven days battle
    This day was the star of the Seven Days Battle. Gerneral Lee attacks McClellan close by Richmond. This battle killed lots of troops on both sides of the armys.
  • Bloodiest battle

    Bloodiest battle
    On this day General Robert E. Lee leads the confederate army into antietam. They fight the union all day long and have lots of men die. By night time over 26,000 men are dead.
  • Fredericksberg

    After 14 assults on General Burnside's army they suffered 12,653 mens death. They also lost that battle to the union army and shortly after this battle Lincoln freed the slaves.