Civil War

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    Civil War

  • Lincoln Elected

    Lincoln Elected
    Abe Lincoln won the election agesnst John Breckenridge, John Bell, and Stephen Douglas.
  • Ft. Sutmer

    Ft. Sutmer
    Confederates started to fire at the fort. At 2:30 pm, April 13, Major Anderson surrendered Fort Sumter, leaving on the following day. Fort Sumter was the opening engagement of the American Civil War.
  • Blockade

    Used to make sure that the South wasn't going to get any supplys and had to surrender.
  • 1st Bull Run

    1st Bull Run
    McDowell who had untrained troops attacked and lost to the South was forced to go back to Washington.
  • Monitor vs. Virginia

    Monitor vs. Virginia
    Confederate converted plan to cut a hole in the Union's U.S.S. Merrimac. The first naval attach between ironclad ships, the Monitor fought the Virginia to a draw, but Virginia had sunk two wooden Union ships.
  • Shiloh

    Confederate forces attacked Union. By the end of the day, the Union troops were almost defeated. During the night, reinforcements arrived. The next morning the Union killed many. Confederate forces retreated.
  • 7 Days

    7 Days
    Over seven days, the Army of Northern Virginia would give blows at Beaver Dam Creek, Gaines’ Mill, Savage Station, Glendale, and Malvern Hill. Lee used in a new way of offensive combat. McClellan was forced to leave the region.
  • Antietam

    Confederate forces were caught by McClellan near Sharpsburg, Maryland. This battle is thought to be the bloodiest day of the war. The battle had no clear winner, but General Lee left to Virginia, McClellan was considered the victor
  • Emancipation Issued

    Emancipation Issued
    Issued that all slaves should be freed in the hopes of getting control of the border states and getting slaves to join the Union.
  • 2nd Bull Run

    2nd Bull Run
    It began when Union attacked. Pope's initial attack against Jackson's well entrenched lines failed. The next day, when Pope resumed his attack, the Confederates counter-attacked. They forced back Union troops, who retreated across the stone bridge over Bull Run.
  • Emancipation take effect

    Emancipation take effect
    The South didn't want to have to give up there slave or their pride so they choose not to do what the proclamation said.
  • Chancellorsville

    Hooker crossed the Rappahannock River to attack General Lee's forces. Lee split his army, attacking the Union army in three places and defeated thrm. Hooker withdrew across the Rappahannock River, giving the South a victory.
  • Gettysburg

    The chance encounter between Union and Confederate forces started the Battle of Gettysburg. In the fighting the Union had greater numbers and better defensive positions. They won the battle but didn't follow the Confederates.
  • Vicksburg

  • Gettysburg Address

    Gettysburg Address
  • Chattanooga

  • Grant takes over

    Grant takes over
  • Atlanta

  • Lincoln re-elected

    Lincoln re-elected
  • March to the Sea

    March to the Sea
  • Savannah falls

    Savannah falls
  • 13th Amendment

    13th Amendment
  • Uccupy Richmond

    Uccupy Richmond
  • Lee surenders

    Lee surenders
  • Lincoln shot

    Lincoln shot