Civil War

  • The American Colonization Society forms

    The American Colonization Society forms
    This would free the slaves and give them the chance to go back to africa
  • The American Anitslavery Society forms

    The American Anitslavery Society forms
    An agreement to help slaves lives but formed violent riots from people that still wanted slaves
  • The liberty Party forms

    The liberty Party forms
    It was a party formed to promote anti slavery. Had a politic running for president. Only got 7,000 votes. Said that the consitution was a pro slavery document.
  • The Liberty Party Forms

    A political party formed by abolitionist who wanted more political action to make way for antislavery
  • Mexican American war

    Mexican American war
    Mexico and America faught for texas and what would end up as the mexican cession.
  • The Free Soil Party

    The Free Soil Party
    A politcal party that did not last very long in the U.S. It was a third and single issue party that drew its greatest strength from New York state. Its maine purppo was to expand slavery to the southern states.
  • California Gold Ruch

    California Gold Ruch
    JOhn Marshal found gold in a river that a mill was being built on. Immagrents came to claim gold to and created a group called forty niners. This brought out new invensions as well
  • The Comprimise of !850

    The Comprimise of !850
    The Comprimise was a package of 5 bills that proved territory for non slave states in the north and slave states in the south
  • The Kansas-Npebraska Debate

    The Kansas-Npebraska Debate
    Allowed people who settled in the territory to decide if they wanted to have slavery present or not.
  • The Sumner Brooks Affair

    The Sumner Brooks Affair
    A despute between pro slavery Prestone Brookes and anti slavery charles sumner
  • The Dred Scott Decision

    The Dred Scott Decision
    Was a ruling by us supreme court that slaves from africa were not us citizens and not protected by the constitution
  • The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

    The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
    Lincoln and dougless were debating to win over illonis and all seven debate between them were about slavery
  • The Election of 1860

    The Election of 1860
    It was an election that Abraham Lincoln won that brought questions about slavery expansion and southern states wanted to succede because they wanted slavery still