Civil war

Civil War

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    American Civil War

  • Jefferson Davis Mentions Secession

    Jefferson Davis Mentions Secession
    For the first time, Jefferson Davis expresses his unhappiness and ideas. He brings up the topic of seceding from the Union.
  • Lincoln Speaks

    Lincoln Speaks
    Abraham Lincoln speaks at the Cooper Institute in New York.
  • American Party

    American Party
    The Constitution Union Party, which represents the American Party, chooses John Bell to run for president. They decide on this in Baltimore.
  • Republican Convention

    Republican Convention
    The Republican Convention is held in Chicago, Illinoise where they pick who they want to run for president. Lincoln is chosen,
  • Democrats Convention

    Democrats Convention
    The Democrats meet together to discuss who they should pick for president. They decide on choosing Stephen Douglas to run for presidency.
  • Southern Democrats

    Southern Democrats
    Also picking a candidate, the Souther Democrats gather to settle on a decision. They choose John C. Breckinridge to run.
  • Abraham Lincoln Wins Election

    Abraham Lincoln Wins Election
    As a Republican candidate, Lincoln won the election. He did not have any electoral votes in the South and had caused southerners to fear their way of life would end.
  • South Carolina May Secede

    South Carolina May Secede
    After Lincoln won the presidency, southerners are concerned that they won't agree with his actions. They call for a convention to discuss if they should secede or not.
  • Georgia Gathers Southern States

    Georgia Gathers Southern States
    Georgia calls for the southern states to come together and unite in forming an independent nation.
  • South Carolina Convention

    South Carolina Convention
    The convention is called to order. There, they decide to withdraw from the nation and assign representatives to get the needed documents.
  • South Carolina secedes from the Union

    South Carolina secedes from the Union
    With the fear of the Union changing the southern way of life, South Carolina seceded to try and maintain their own customs.
  • Mississippi Secedes from the Union

    Mississippi Secedes from the Union
    Following in South Carolina's footsteps, Missippi decided to secede from the Union due to Lincoln winning the election.
  • Florida Secedes

    Florida Secedes
    Having different views from the north, Florida left the Union too.
  • Alabama Separates from the Union

    Alabama Separates from the Union
    Just like the states before it, Alabama seceded.
  • Georgia Leaves the Union

    Georgia Leaves the Union
    Not wanting to be in jeopardy of changing lifestyles, Georgia separated from the nation.
  • Louisiana Leaves the Union

    Louisiana Leaves the Union
    Once again the people in the states did not want their lifestyles to change so they separated from the rest of the country.
  • Texas Secedes

    Texas Secedes
    Texas decides to leave too in order to keep the life everyone is accustomed to.
  • Jefferson Davis is Elected President of the Confederacy

    Jefferson Davis is Elected President of the Confederacy
    Now that the seceded states have formed the Confederate States of America, they elect Davis, as their leader to help run the new nation.
  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    Confederate armies begin to attack Fort Sumter. They are under the command of Major Robert Anderson. He arranges a surrender with Texas Senator Louis Wigfall the next morning.
  • Virginia Separates

    Virginia Separates
    Like all the other states before it, Virginia left the Union.
  • Lincoln Blockades the South

    Lincoln Blockades the South
    To put the south at a disadvantage, Lincoln set up blockades. This way valuable weapons, food, and other vital supplies were not available.
  • Arkansas Secedes

    Arkansas Secedes
    Yet another southern state leaves the Union because of different ways of life.
  • North Carolina Leaves

    North Carolina Leaves
    This state secedes to attempt to keep the lifestyle they have
  • Tennesse Secedes Too

    Tennesse Secedes Too
    The last state to leave the Union in order to keep the southern lifestyle.
  • First General Dies in Battle

    First General Dies in Battle
    Confederate Commander General Garnett is the first civil war general to be killed in action at Corrick's Ford.
  • General McClellan

    General McClellan
    After McDowell's defeat, General Geourge McClellan is appointed commander of the department of the Potomac.
  • Lincoln Relieves Fremont of His Command

    Lincoln Relieves Fremont of His Command
    Lincoln revokes General Fremont's military proclamation of emancipation, which was unauthorized. He replaces him with General David Hunter.
  • Port Royal, South Carolina

    Port Royal, South Carolina
    Union Captain Duponts warships defeated the Confederates at Fort Walker and Fort Beauregard. This gave the opportunity for Sherman's troops to occupy Port Royal.
  • Union Takes Fort Henry

    Union Takes Fort Henry
    The goal was to capture two forts and Fort Henry was one of them. After a battle, the Union took it over near the Tennessee River. Grant earns his nickname "Unconditional Surrender.
  • Lincoln's Son Willie Dies

    Lincoln's Son Willie Dies
    Most likely from polluted drinking water in the White House, President Lincoln's son passes away and he is grief-stricken.
  • Davis is Inaugurated

    Davis is Inaugurated
    Jefferson Davis who was already chosen to be the leader of the Confederacy, is officially inaugurated as president.
  • Battle of Shiloh

    Battle of Shiloh
    A battle in Tennessee between Union army under General Grant and Confederate Army under General Johnston where the south started off strong but eventually lost on the second day of battle.
  • Farragut Takes New Orleans

    David Farragut having command over 17 Union ships, conquers New Orleans which was the south's most southern port.
  • Lee Takes Over

    Lee Takes Over
    After The Battle of Sevin Pines where Johnston is injured, Lee takes his place in command and renames his force the Army of Northern Virginia.
  • Lee Takes Over in Richmond

    Lee Takes Over in Richmond
    A very capable General Lee is placed in charge of the Confederate army in the southern's capital, Richmond, Virginia.
  • Lincoln Appoints a General In Chief

    Lincoln Appoints a General In Chief
    After being his own general in chief for four months, Lincoln gives the job over to General Henry W. Halleck.
  • Second Battle of Bull Run

    Second Battle of Bull Run
    General Stonewall Jackson and James Longstreet battle at Bull Run and the Union ends up retreating to Washington.
  • Lee Heads North

    Lee Heads North
    General Lee begins his way to invade the North towards Harper's Ferry with his 50,000 Confederate Soldiers. Union General McClellan is on his tail with 90,000 strong soldiers.
  • Harper's Ferry Falls to the Confederates

    Harper's Ferry Falls to the Confederates
    The Confederates were trying to capture Maryland Heights and Loudoun Heights and after a Confederate artillery bombardment the Federal garrison surrendered.
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    The first major battle in the Civil War on Union soil. It is the bloodiest one day battle in American History. McClellan failed to destroy Lee's army, but Lee retreated in Virginia.
  • Lincoln Orders Emancipation Proclamation

    Lincoln Orders Emancipation Proclamation
    In an attempt to assist the slaves, President Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation. He states that he allows all slaves in the south to be free.
  • Fredricksburg

    General McClellan is replaced my Ambrose Burnside by Lincoln. The Union suffered a tough loss and Burnside's men were slaughtered.
  • Battle of Stones River

    Battle of Stones River
    The Union army forced the Confederates to retreat here. After a battle the Union came out on top under the command of Rosecrans.
  • Battle at Chancellorsville

    Battle at Chancellorsville
    The battle where Stonewall Jackson was shot by his own men and later died from pnemonia. It was Lee versus Hooker where Lee despite being outnumbered came out victorious.
  • Stonewall Jackson Dies

    Stonewall Jackson Dies
    After being accidentally shot by his own men at Chancellorsville, General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson became ill while trying to recover. He dies due to pnemonia.
  • Battle of Vicksburg

    Battle of Vicksburg
    Union General Grant wanted to take over the fort in Vickburg overlooking a river. To do it he began a seige and the fort eventually surrendered, giving the Union control of the Mississippi River.
  • John McClernand is Relieved

    John McClernand is Relieved
    Union General Ulysses Grant relieves McClernand of his duties for insubordination.
  • West Virginia Becomes A State

    West Virginia Becomes A State
    It becomes the 35th state of the United States. The terms of slavery do not matter for the first time.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg
    General Robert Lee decides to attack on Union soil and invade Pennsylvania. After a hard 3 days, the Union held their ground and forced lee and his men to retreat into Virginia.
  • Gettysburg Address

    Gettysburg Address
    Due to the bloody fighting up in Gettysburg for 3 days, Lincoln decided to recognize all that had happened. His speech was very memoriable and onyl 2 minutes long.
  • Battle of Missionary Ridge

    Battle of Missionary Ridge
    The Confederate Army of Tennesse is attacked by 3 Union armies. General George Thomas' Union army forced the south to retreat.
  • Reconstruction

    Any Southerner who swears to take an oath is pardoned. This is under the Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction.
  • Lincoln Makes Grant Chief

    Lincoln Makes Grant Chief
    Because of his great skill, President Lincoln appoints General Grant Commander-in-Chief of the North Armies. Grant then put Sherman in charge of the western armies and Meade in charge of the eastern ones.
  • Lincoln is Shot

    Lincoln is Shot
    While enjoying a play at Ford's Theatre with his wife, President Lincoln gets fatally shot in the head. This starts the manhunt for the assasin, John Wilkes Booth.
  • Grant's Huge Mistake

    Grant's Huge Mistake
    At Cold Harbor, due to Grant's costly blunder, many Union soldiers were killed. They even anticipated it, and expected to die. Grant ordered a last assault attempt without realizing nothing great could be gained. It was a hopeless situation yet he risked lives.
  • Siege of Petersburg Begins

    Siege of Petersburg Begins
    The Union failed to capture Petersburg so Grant's forces cut off the Confederate rail lines, starting the nine month siege.
  • Mobile Bay

    Mobile Bay
    David Farragut with his troops won the Battle of Mobile Bay. To the success of the Union, this closed the last Confederate Gluf Port.
  • Democrats Pick a Candidate

    Democrats Pick a Candidate
    The Democrats choose former Union General George McClellan to run for president against Lincoln.
  • Atlanta is Captured

    Atlanta is Captured
    Union General William Sherman is successful down south and captures Atlanta. He telegraphs Lincoln happily to tell him. This greatly helps Lincoln's bid in the election.
  • Lincoln is Re-elected

    Lincoln is Re-elected
    Successfully beating McClellan in the election, Lincoln is still president. This upsets the south.
  • Sherman Sets Off Across Georgia

    Sherman Sets Off Across Georgia
    Bringing with him 62,000 men, General Sherman makes a path of destruction starting at Atlanta as he goes towards the sea. All after destroying Atlanta as well.
  • Battle of Franklin

    Battle of Franklin
    Union forces led by Schofield caused heavy losses for the south.
  • Savannah, Georgia

    Savannah, Georgia
    After Sherman's march to the sea he reaches Savannah and his troops occupy the territory.
  • Lee Becomes Chief

    Lee Becomes Chief
    General Robert E. Lee becomes General-in-Chief in the south due to his success and skills as leader.
  • Appomattox Courthouse

    Appomattox Courthouse
    To officially surrender, Generals Lee and Grant meet at the courthouse in Appomattox. There Lee surrenders and ends the Civil War.
  • Lincoln Dies

    Lincoln Dies
    After a very long night of watching Lincoln, he dies. The nation mourns the tradegy and focus on capturing Booth.
  • Johnston Surrenders

    Johnston Surrenders
    General Johnston surrenders to Sherman. Another Union victory leading to the complete end of the war.
  • More Confederates Surrender

    More Confederates Surrender
    Helping bringing the war to a close, more southern troops surrender. These were the armies in Mississippi and Alabama.
  • Davis is Captured

    Davis is Captured
    The Confederate president, Jefferson Davis and captured by the Union. He was found and taken in Georgia.
  • More Surrenders

    More Surrenders
    The very last of all the Confederate Troops surrender. The north wins the war.
  • Trial for Superintendent of Andersonville Starts

    Trial for Superintendent of Andersonville Starts
    After controlling Andersonville, the worst Confederate Camp throughout the war, the person responsible gets put into a trial. Many soldiers died there and countless men suffered.
  • Superintendent of Andersonville is Hanged

    Superintendent of Andersonville is Hanged
    After a long trial the superintendent who controlled the worst camp in the south is hanged.
  • Freedmen's Bureau

    Freedmen's Bureau
    Radical Republicans began making changes and created a law. The Freedmen's Bureau have food and clothing to former slaves and set up hospitals and schools.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1866

    Civil Rights Act of 1866
    Congress passes the Civil Rights Act to prevent black codes. This tried to lessen the discrimination againt African Americans.
  • Republicans Take Over

    Republicans Take Over
    In the Congressional Elections, many Radical Republicans take over the seats and gain power. They now have enough votes to override presidential vetoes.
  • Johnson Gives A Speech

    Johnson Gives A Speech
    President Johnson gives a speech in honor of Washington's birthday. He goes on without holding back and calls out Congress and accuses them of being unloyal to the Union.
  • Riots in Memphis

    Riots in Memphis
    Riots over race break out in Memphis which causes even more tension between the president and Congress. The public begins to support more of the radicals than the president.
  • More Riots in Louisiana

    More Riots in Louisiana
    Continuous race riots take place to the disadvantage of the president. This shows that Johnson's ideas and actions towards Reconstruction were not working.
  • Congress Establishes "general of the armies"

    Congress Establishes "general of the armies"
    As soon as Congress creates this they put General Grant into this position for his great skills. Shermen assumes the rank of Lt. general.
  • Farragat is Promoted

    Farragat is Promoted
    Congress comes up with a new rank . David Farragut is the worthy general to be chosen to become admiral.
  • Congress Investigates

    Congress Investigates
    Due to the disturbances caused by the Ku Klux Klan, Congress dives into an investigation. They hoped to put an end to the violence.
  • Swing Around the Circle

    Swing Around the Circle
    President Johnson gives his famous "Swing Around the Circle" set of speeches to try and earn support. Many people found these ineffective.
  • 14th Amendment

    14th Amendment
    Congress passed the Fourteenth Amendment which gave African Americans full citizenship. Johnson did not agree with it thinking it was too hard on the south. It wasn't ratified until 1868.
  • Blacks Can Vote in Washington DC

    Blacks Can Vote in Washington DC
    A new bill is passed that gives African Americans in DC the right to vote. It passed even though Johnson vetoed it.
  • Nebraska Becomes a State

    Nebraska Becomes a State
    After being territory for the longest time, the area of Nebraska finally becomes a state,
  • Reconstruction Act

    Reconstruction Act
    Congress passed the Reconstruction Act to help aid the destroyed and defeated south and assiting the entire nation. It states that any state governments created under Lincoln and Johnson's plan were invalid. It also put southern states under military control.
  • Tenure of Office Act

    Tenure of Office Act
    it established the requirement of Senate approval before the president could dismiss any government official. It later is stated as unconstitutational.
  • Congress Passes Second Reconstruction Act

    Congress Passes Second Reconstruction Act
    Despite Johnson's disagreement, Congress passes the Second Reconstruction Act anyway.
  • Alaska

    William P. Seward signs a treaty with Russia buying Alaska for 2 cents an acre.Democrats called it "Seward's Folly"
  • Treaty for Alaska

    Treaty for Alaska
    The Senate ratifies the treaty to gain the land of Alaska.
  • States are Admitted Into the Union

    States are Admitted Into the Union
    Southern states such as Georgia and Louisiana, who ratified the Fourteenth Amendment are admitted into the Union. Other states like Texas who rejected the amendment are not welcomed.
  • Johnson Replaces Stanton

    Johnson Replaces Stanton
    With tension between Johnson and Congress, and with Congress out of session, President Johnson temporarily replaces Secretary of War Stanton with General Grant.
  • US Gains Alaska

    US Gains Alaska
    After everything is figured out, Russia gives over Alaska, The purchase by the United States is complete and Alaska is offically a part of it,