civil war

  • first battle of Manassas Junction

    the union army under brig.gen.Irvin mcdowell plan to attack richmand the capitol of the south and have a quick victory, But was meet by brig.gen.P.G.T beugrard and the souht held and beat the union
  • Geogre B. McClellan named general of the army of potomac

    McClellan is summand to the white house to become the leader of the army of the potomac after winning some minor battles in west virgina
  • battle of shiloh

    Union Maj.gen. Grant moved deep in to tennesse and camped by the tennesse river. Southern gen. johnson and beurand led a suprises attack on grant and in the first day the souht gained good distance but ended up being pushed back by grant the next day
  • second battle of Manassas

    maj.gen. John pope moves to attack gen.Robert E. Lee. Gen. Jackson caputers pope ammo depot so pope tries to many attack jackson but Gen. Longstreet came to reinfocre the souht forcing Pope to retreat.
  • battle of antietam

    Gen. Lee moves in to maryland to invade but is attack by union gen.McCelellan Thou it forces the south to retreat it was marked as only a strategic victory for the north
  • battle of frederickesburg

    Union Gen. Burnside comanneds a larger forces aganist southern Gen. Lee, But the north were attacking the entenchened souhtern neres on the hill of the city. It was a confedarte victory
  • battle of gettysburg

    Rebel Gen. Lee moves in to north and is looking for shoes when a union calvory divianson open fights on them. The disian hold Lee untill Gen. Meade the new a Apointed commander of the army of the potomac comes with rienfocements. After to long days Lee thinks he has victory so he orders picketes charge it was a man slaguhter. the north won the battle was also badly hurt. This is considerd the turning point of the war.
  • Grant named comander of the Army of the potomac

    Grant his called to the white houses to recivce the commaned. Thou many called hime a bucther> Lincoln said 'he get stuff gone'.
  • Lee surrneders to grant

    In the moring of april 9 1865 Lee makes his final stand at the appomattox court house were he tries to push thou the union line but when it his clear he cant win he surrendereds toGen. grant.
  • Assassination of lincoln

    Lincoln and his wife go with a nother couple to the play Our America cousin at fords theater. During the play John Wilikes Booth comes in to the presidently box shoots lincoln and then jumpes on the stage and yell thus never tyrants. lincoln his declared the at711 in the monring