civil war

  • july 1861

    in july 1861, general scott sent general irvin mcdowell and more than 30,00 union troope to do battle with confederate forces waiting outside washington
  • battle of bull run

    the battle, known as the battle of bull run in the north and the battle of manassas in the south, proved a shock to those who had hoped the war would end quickly -and who were unprepared for the courage modern warfare could produce
  • grants fight in tennessee

    in april, grant's troops fought a terrible battle in southwest tennessee.In jsut two days of fighting, nearly 25,000 union and confederate soldiers were killed or wounded.
  • in february 1862

    in february 1862, he directed the attack and capture of two confederae strongholds-fort henry on the tenessee river and fort donelson on the cumberland river
  • battles the virginia

    however, one notable exception occurred in 1862 when the union ship monitor clashed with its confederate opponent virginia off the virginia coast.
  • on march 9

    on march 9, the two ironclads met in battle
  • early 1862

    but the most significant action occurred in new mexico in eraly 1862, when a confederate force marched up the rio grande from texas
  • stalemate develops in the east

    while union and confederate forces squared off in the mississippi valley and farther west, major fighting in the east focused on the state of virginia.
  • presidential election

    in the presidental election of the 1860, the republican party,led by abraham lincoln, had campaigned against the expansion of slavery beyond the states in which it already existed.
  • republicans

    the republican were strong adavacates of nationalism and in their 1860 platform explicitly denounced threats of disunion as avowals of treason
  • april 12 1861,

    hostilities begangs on april 12 1861, when confederate forces attacked a u.s. military installation at fort sumter in south carolina
  • railroads etc

    railroads, the telegraph steamships, and massproduced weapons were employed extensively
  • march 4 1861,

    on march 1861, seven cotton states declared their secession and joined together to form the confederate states of america
  • in september 1862

    in september 1862 lincolns emancipation proclamtion made ending slavery in the south a war goal, and dissuaded the british from interveing
  • in 1863

    confedate commander robert e.lee battles in virginia, but in 1863 his northward advance was turned back with heavy casualties after the battle of gettysburg