civil war

  • attack on fort sumpter

    general beauregard was put in charge of the troops in charleston. soon after he claimed all land in charleston for the south except fort sumpter. when the north tried to send supplies the ship was fired upon. after major anderson ran out of suplies and still refused to surrender and was fired upon and after 34 hours surrendered.
  • andaconda plan

    the andaconda plan was the plan from winfield scott to divide the south in half and blockade their ports. scott wanted 80,000 troops to go down the missipssippi and split the south. the blockade was to sufficate them from the british who was giving them trade.
  • first battle of bull run

    this was the first major battle and occured in virginia. the battle was going to be a pretty even one until the union was caught off gaurd when there plan had to change. the plan changed when thomas jackson showed up with a local regiment of virginians and stood there ground. this battle showed a long and bloddy war.
  • battle of antietam

    fought in maryland and was first major battle on northern soil. fought between Lee and McCellan with support on both side. despite being out numbered 2 to 1 lee was able to stand toe to toe with the union general. eventually on the 18th a truce was met and the wounded gathered and lee returned to virginia.
  • battle of shiloh

    union general grant was fighting confederate general johnston and beauregard. johnston was killed on the first day sadly. after johnston was killed his second in command decided not to attack at night and union reinforcements came the evening and attacked the entire line the next day forcein the south to retreat.
  • battle of Fredericksburg

    fighting between lee and burnside in virginia. burnsides plan was to rush into the capitol before lee could stop him. wiht delays lee was able to fortify the other side of the river. to the south william franklin was able to pierce through stonewalls forces but was eventually repealled.
  • The Battle of Chancellorsville

    joseph hooker and Robert E Lee had there forces fighting was know as lees perfect battle. even though hooker planed to surround lee from both sides lee had 1/5 of his army at rapidan river to delay sedgwick while the rest of his army fought hooker. despite the advice hooker withdrew
  • siege of vicksburg

    fought between grant and pemberton in mississippi. after 2 major assaults with heavy casualties grant decided to besiege the city. with no reinforcements, no supplies, and holding out for over 40 days they finally surrendered. this loos to the south gave the north full control over the mississippi river.
  • battle of gettysburg

    largest battle of the war and the turning point of the war. on the first day the south was able to have the north retreat to the south side of the town. the second day most of the armies of both sides had assembled and the union was able to hold there lines. on the third day picketts charge was lead and defeated forcing the south to retreat.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    an executive order the proclaimed 3.1 million out of 4 million slaves. its also immediatley freed 50,000 slaves. the order did not compensate the owners. neither did the bill give the freed slave citizens.
  • shermans march to the sea

    shermans march was a name commenly given to the savannah campaign conducted around georgia. sherman started in atlanta creating total war and ended in savannah on december 21. his way of war was to destroy the physical and psychological of people. sherman defied military principles by operating deep in enemy teritory with lines of supply or communication
  • Battle of Appomattox Court House

    one of the final battle of the war between grand and lee. lee took one final stand at the court house when he launched an attack assuming the force was entirely calvary. but the calvary was backed up by two corps of infintry. lee had no choice but to surrender and the surrender documents were signed on april 9th