civil war

  • the missouri compromise

    the missouri compromise
    an agreement between the slave and non-slave states about slavery.
  • indian removal act

    indian removal act
    the removal by the government of indians to move west
  • abolition movement

    abolition movement
    movement to end slavery
  • annexation of texas

    annexation of texas
    made texas the 28th state
  • compromise 1850

    compromise 1850
    gold discovered in california
  • kansas-nebraska act

    kansas-nebraska act
    douglas wanted a northern railroad but needed support
  • sumner-brooks incident

    sumner-brooks incident
    sumner has talking about the south and brooks beat him up
  • dred scott vs. sanford

    dred scott vs. sanford
    slaves are property and can not sue
  • lincoln-douglas debates

    lincoln-douglas debates
    debates introduced lincoln to american
  • john brown at harper's ferry

    john brown at harper's ferry
    beleived he was sent to end slavery