• LIncoln wins Close Race

    Abraham Lincoln was in a four way race fo president of the United States. Although he does not win a popular majority and is not even on the ballot in nine southern states. He earns enough electrol votes to beat all the others.
  • South Carolina First to secede

    South Carolina officially secedes from the Union, becoming the first state to do so
  • Civil War

    Mississippi secedes from the Union.
  • Lincoln Inauguration

    Abraham lincoln is inaugurated as the sixteeth president of the United States. In his inaugral Address he gives a stark warning to the south: he will not tolerate secession
  • lincoln Reguests Army

    Lincoln addresses congress and reguests the enlistment of a Union Army. Congress authorizes a call for 500,000 men. It is clear now that the war will not be short.
  • First battle of Bull Run.

    The first battle of Bull Run puts Irvin Mcdowell against the new Confedarate.Mcdowell is defeated and that causes a panicked retreat back to washington.
  • Battle of Shiloh

  • 2 battle of Bull Run

    A confounding victory for Confederate General Stonewell Jackson
  • The Emancipation Proclamation

    This bill free's all slaves in territory captured by the union army.
  • The Military Draft

    This draft requires every man to serve the army unless he can furnish a substitute or pay the government $300.
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