Civil Rights Movement

  • Brown v. Board

    court case that decided seperate schools are are by nature unequal. schools are now ordered to desegregate
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Rosa Parks was arrested for sitting in the white section of the bys and not giving up her seat, Organized by MLK
  • Little Rock High is Desegregated

    After the school board voted to intergrate schools, the national guard prevents students from going to school. Federal paratroopers escort black studentas into the school
  • Lunch Counter Boycott

    10 men sat at a "whites only" counter in Greensboro, NC
  • SNCC was Created

    "Student Non-Violent Coordinating Commitee" was created on the campus of Shaw University that coordinated sit-ins like this one.
  • Freedom Riders

    Blacks and whits take the bus to the southern states to protest segregation on the buses.
  • March on Washington

    200,000 black and whites gather at Lincoln Memorial to protect racial injustice
  • 24th Amendment Passed

    Poll tax is now outlawed
  • Civil Rights Act

    Congress passed a law saying raciual discrimination was forbidded
  • MLK Jr. Earns the Nobel Peace Prize

    MLK earns the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent protests during the civil rights movement.