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Civil Rights Movement

  • Americian Civil War Begans

    Americian Civil War Begans
    Civil right video
    Tens of Thousands of slaves escape to the Union line for freedom
  • Empancition Day

    Empancition Day
    Empancpation Procalmation Gave each slave about $300
  • Civil War Ends

    Civil War Ends
    Thousands of slaves are legally freed by Abraham Lincoln
  • 14th Amendment

    14th Amendment
    Adds into the constution due process and equal protection
  • 15th Amendent

    15th Amendent
    Gives all male indivuals right to vote no matter race or colour
  • Civil rights act of 1875

    Civil rights act of 1875
    last civil rights bill signed until 1957
  • Civil Rights?

    Civil Rights?
    Civil rights of 1875Civil Rights act of 1875 striked down as unconstitutional
  • Plessy vs Fergerson

    Plessy vs Fergerson
    Plessy vsw Fergersonseperate but equal
  • first grandfather clause

    allows whites to be deemed illerate also
  • Literacy

    A majority of the Africian Americian slaves bcome literate
  • Pro-people

    Orlando Florida hires first black postman
  • civil rights act of 1964

    civil rights act of 1964
    outlawed all discrimation and a landmark for the civil rights act