Civil rights movement

  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    Plessy v. Ferguson
    Plessy purchased a first-class ticket on the train to Covington, Louisiana. He took a seat in the “Whites Only” car. When the conductor arrived, Plessy informed him that he was 1/8 Black and that he was refusing to move to the “colored” car. The conductor called the police and had Plessy arrested. This was important because in his trial he lost and "seperate but equal" stayed as the law
  • Brown V. Board of Education

    Brown V. Board of Education
    It was a United states supreme court case that declared state laws that have public schools for only whites and only blacks unconstitutional. This case is significant because it ruled that the De jure racial segregation violated the 4th amendment of the constitution , and was a victory for the civil rights movement.
  • Emmett till is murdered

    Emmett till is murdered
    was an African American that was murdered in Mississippi because he was flirting with a white woman. His mother made his funeral public with an open casket to show how her son was severly killed. This is an important event because this pushed the south to have equal rights for blacks.
  • Montgomery bus boycott

    Montgomery bus boycott
    The boycott started when Rosa Parks was arrested because she refused to surrender her seat to a white person. When the black community found out about her arrest they boycotted the Alabama bus transportations by not riding the bus. It was a significant event because the supreme court declared the laws unconstituional.
  • Little rock school desegregation

    Little rock school desegregation
    Nine african american students were the 1st to attend an all white highschool and graduate. This is significant because it was the first desegregation school and also it inspired blacks to fight for their rights.
  • Sit-ins in Greensboro/Nashville

    Sit-ins in Greensboro/Nashville
    This was a non violent campaign to end racial segregation at lunch counters in Nashville , Tennessee. The campaign worked together with Nashville student movement. Many students were arrested because they refused to leave the lunch counters. This was important because stores began to serve black costumers.
  • March on Birmingham

    March on Birmingham
    it was a campaign during the civil rights movement in which African Americans marched for their rights. it lasted three days in which children got arrested. It was significant because even children in the civil rights movement
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    The march was created by a group of labor , civil rights , and religious organizations and their theme was "jobs" , and "freedom". The march was for economic and civil rights for african americans. Its important because it helped pass the civil rights act and voting rights act.
  • Civil rights act of 1964

    Civil rights act of 1964
    The act outlawed discrimination against racial , national , a religious minorities , even women. It ended voting requirements and segregation in any public places. This was significant because it ended segregation and every one was finally equal.
  • Voting rights act of 1965

    The act outlawed discriminatory voting against african americans in the united states. The act prohibited states from doing any voting "qualifications" or take the voting rights away from african americans. This is important because for the 1st time everyone in the U.S had full voting rights and the work of civil rights leaders paid off.
  • Martin Luther King Assassinated

    Martin Luther King was an activist leader who fought for the equal rights of blacks in the U.S. He is mostly known for his famous speech "I have a dream" . He was killed at the hotel in Memphis , Tennessee were he was staying. This is significant because the leader of the civil rights movement died and also because many people believe that was government conspiracy