Civil Rights Movement

By 3130
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    Linda Brown was denied admission to school in Topeka. Supreme Court declares school segregation unconstitutional.
  • Rosa Parks

    Refused to give up her seat for a white man. Sparked the Montgomery bus boycott.
  • Montgomery bus Boycott

    Montgomery bus boycott was started by Montgomery Improvement Association. Martin Luther King Jr. became leader of the movement.
  • SCLC

    Southern Christian Leadership Conference started in 1957. Made up of African American ministers to eliminate segregation.
  • Civil rights act of 1957

    Intended to protect the rights of African american voters. Passed in 1957.
  • Little Rock

    Governer of Arkansas ordered national Gaurd to prevent black students from entering school. Federal troops entered to allow students to go to school.
  • SNCC

    Student Nonviolent Coordinzting Committee. College students organized to desegregate public places
  • freedom riders

    fJames Farmer organizes the Freedom Riders. Tried to desegragate the interstate bus system.
  • Medgar evers Killed

    Medgar Evers was a leader of the civil rights movement. Hewas killed by a sniper in 1963.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964

    Federal Government to prevent racial discrimination. Most comprehensive civil rights legislation.
  • Voting rights act 1965

    African Americans allowed to vote. Major legislative goal of the Movement
  • MLK Killed

    Martil Luther King Jr killed by a sniper. Killed in Memphis TN