Civil Rights and the Legacy of Slavery

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    Civil Rights and the Legacy of Slavery

    This history is, alone, one of incalculable tragedy and transcendence, revealing one of our country's irredeemable faults, as well as its highest democratic ideals. We simply cannot understand the United States, much less its people, without knowing the history of slavery and its lasting influence on the course of American history and politics.
  • The Village Politions

    The Village Politions
    John L. Krimmel
    Krimmel's portrait, which shows a group of men gathered around the table in a tavern, arguing about politics.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri admitted as slave state but slavery barred in rest of Louisiana Purchase north of 36°30' N.
  • Nat Turner's Slave Revolt

    Nat Turners rebellion (Southampton Insurrection) was a slave uprising in Virginia in 1831. Slaves killed anywhere between 55 and 65 white men and women. About 56 slaves were executed by the state of Virginia and anywhere from 100 to 200 were killed by white militias. This slave revolt led to laws prohibiting slaves to learn to read and write or to gather at assemblies such as church without a white Priest at the mass.
  • Africans on La Amistad are Free

    The slave trade ship La Amistad landed in in after it was hijacked by the slaves onboard. Slave trade was illegal during this time so the slaves were nobody's property. Because they had no owners they had no legal ownership. "The US Supreme Court affirmed [they were free] on March 9, 1841, and the Africans traveled back to Africa in 1842. The case influenced numerous succeeding laws in the United States."-
  • Undergroud Railroad Begins

    Slave, Harriet Tubman escapes slavery and begins to lead the underground railroad.
  • Slavery Debate

    Henry Clay opens great debate on slavery, warns South against secession.
  • Politics in the Workshop

    Politics in the Workshop
    Thomas Waterman Wood
    This is one of Wood's political series: here, a carpenter in his New England workshop is deciding, after reading a Boston newspaper, who will get his vote. The definitive collection of Wood's work is in the Wood Art Gallery, Montpelier, VT, although his etchings are also in many museum collections. A fine impression in good condition.
  • Out of a Job—News of the Unemployed

    Out of a Job—News of the Unemployed
    Everett Shinn
    This is not about individual people who have gathered together for various reasons but about all of them being as one, in equal circumstances, in this case equally jobless and poor and seeking relief.