Civil Rights

  • Plessy Vs Feguson

  • Period: to

    Civil Rights


  • Movie "Birth of a Nation"

  • Supreme court case buchanan veany

  • Jesse Owens competes in summer olympics and wins 4 gold medals

    No exact date. Summer 1936
  • CORE was founded

    No exact date.
  • Shelly VS Kramer

  • Signed 9981

  • Emmit Hill was killled for whistling at a white woman

  • Rosa Parks refuses to give up seat

  • Bus Boycott

  • Brown VS Board of Education

  • Sit in

  • Missisippi College accepts black student

  • Act signed to give blacks Civil Rights

    No exact date
  • 24th Amendment

  • Students encourage blacks to vote

    No exact date.
  • Bloody Sunday

  • Missisippi voting test

    No exact date.
  • 1st black supreme court justice

  • MLK was killed

  • Medger Evans

  • 16th street church boming