cival rights movement

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    cival rights

  • white primary is abolished

    white primary is abolished
    King vs. Chapman was the case that the Supreme Court had ruled that it is unconstitutional that the blacks are not allowed their basic rights. White primary was the law stating that whites could only vote in the primary election but all citizens could vote in the general elections. White primary was abolished because it took away the basic right to vote from the blacks because they couldn’t vote in the primary vote but they could in the general vote.
  • integration of armed forces

    integration of armed forces
    Integration of the armed forces happened when President Truman decided to end segregation and the civil service through executive order. Six-teen executive African Americans leaders tell Security of Defense that African Americans will act fiercely unless armed forces have desegregated. President Truman makes a committee to solve the problem of the integration in the armed forces.
  • brown vs. board of education

    brown vs. board of education
    Lind Brown had to walk 1 mile to her bus stop to go to a black elementary school when there was a white elementary school 7 blocks away.Her father oliver brown went to the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and got a lawer to fight for the african american familys. The supreme court overturned plessy vs. ferguson and the racial separation didnt agree with the 14th amendment.(
  • Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott

    Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott
    Rosa Parks was a pioneer of the cival rights movement she was the African american woman who refused to give up her seat on the bus for a white man. The Mongomery bus boycot was started to stop the racial segregation on the busses. Most of the boycotters were paying customers, and did not take the bus anymore.(
  • change to the georgia flag

    change to the georgia flag
    The bill was introduced by: John sammens Bell, Jefferson Lee Davis, and Willis Harden. They added the confederate flag to georgai's flag, also know as the stars and bars. some said it was an honor of the cinntenial, others believed it showed resistance to the integration in georgia. (unit 9 flip chart)
  • Crisis at Central High school and the Little Rock Nine

    Crisis at Central High school and the Little Rock Nine
    Thelma Mothershed, Elizabeth Eckford, Melba Pattillo, Jefferson Thomas, Ernest Green, Minniejean Brown, Carlotta Walls, Terrence Roberts and Gloria Ray are the Little Rock Nine. These kids were African Americans and had the hardest time just to enter their school, They had guards to make sure no one hurt them. What caused the crisis was that the public school integrated and let in blacks.
  • Hebrew Benevolent Congregation Temple bombing

    Hebrew Benevolent Congregation Temple bombing
    The Hebrew Benevolent Congregation Temple, a Reform Jewish temple located on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia. This church was bombed October 12th in the morning by General Gordon of the Confederate Underground.The general also threatend to bomb night clubs who didnt fire their negro workers.(
  • Sibley Comission

    Sibley Comission
    The Sibley Commision was set up by John Sibley he interviewed parents to see if they wanted to integrate the schools, but found out that most parents would rather have the schools close down than to have them integrated. They also cut off funding to schools that integrated. In the end they decided to have the schools decide for them selves if they wanted to desegregate or not. (unit 9 flipchart)
  • Integration of The University of Georgia

    Integration of The University of Georgia
    Any schools that was white primary school that alowed blacks would be cut from funding. As rumors circulated Athens and Atlanta that they might close down the school, students were told to go through there regular routine. Students instead were gathered out sided Hunters dorm and were causing property damage.
  • Freedom Riders

    Freedom Riders
    Feedom Riders were the African American people who would sit in the white seats reserved for the white people and see if they would get caught. They did get caught and at first the punishment wasnt that hostile but after a while they got severely beaten. John Lewis a seminary student and who became the leader of SNCC was jailed on in birmingham. rides.htm
  • Albany Movement

    Albany Movement
    Residents of Albany, Georgia, launched an ambitious campaign to eliminate segregation locally. The event caught national attention and Martin Luther King joined in also. Even with King's support the movement failed. The whole movement pushed the NAACP and the SNCC to try to end segregation all together in the albany area.(
  • Birmingham, AL Protests

    Birmingham, AL Protests
    The Birmingham protests was brought together by the SCLC to recognize the unfair treat ment of African-Americans. The campaign went on during the srping, the highest publicized point in black and white civic athourities. This event is most associated with the cival rights movement. (
  • March on Washington DC

    March on Washington DC
    The march was for freedom and jobs was the biggest demonstration in the nations capital. Some 250,000 people showed up, including Martin Luther King jr., most of the protestors were jailed. The KKK were involved as well as some other white supremist groups. (
  • 16th Baptist Church Bombed

    16th Baptist Church Bombed
    Members of the KKK had planted a box of dinimite under the back stairs. About 10:22 there where 26 children going down the steps for a sermon called "The Love That Forgives" the the bomb exploded. Four of the girls were killed and Twenty-two were injured. A hole was made in the back of the church by the explosion, but the stained glass was left and it was a picture of christ leading a group of children. children.(
  • John F. Kennedy

    John F. Kennedy
    President Kennedy was assassinated in a motorcade in Dealy Plaza in Texas. Kennedy was fataly shot and killed, John Connallay was also shot but not as fataly as Kennedy.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964

    Civil Rights Act of 1964
    This Act ended segregation and unequal voting regulation. This document was signed by Lyndon B. Johnson.
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965

    Voting Rights Act of 1965
    This act coverd the voting rights and the registration of illegible people. This was signed by Lyndon B. Johnson.
  • Summerhill peace roit

    Summerhill peace roit
    Summerhill was a four day race riot that happened in Atlanta. The leader of Summerhill was Stokely Carmichael and was accused of encouraging police brutality. There was one death and twenty injuries in the riots. The Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. went to the riot, and worked with the police and black leaders to try to end the chaos.
  • MLK's Assassination

    MLK's Assassination
    MLK was shot in the face and neck by a single shot in the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. James Earl Ray, the man who supposevly killed Martin Luther King jr. was arested on june 1st. MLK had given his speach earlier that day, so people were really happy to have a man who felt that way about segregation then to have some one take that away from you, would make you mad.
  • GA Schools Integrated

    GA Schools Integrated
    The Integration of public schools started with Brown vs. board of education, the integration was allowed but frowned apon. No one liked to go to school with black people so private schools opend up. The result of integrated schools led to private schools and home schooling. This happend because people couldnt accept the fact that they were going to have to go to school with a diffrent race. my resource- this timeline