citations of gum

  • the first piece of gum

    the first piece of gum
    ancient greks chewed on tree sap as a type of gum.
  • the first 'gum'.

    the first 'gum'.
    made from chicle.
  • the first flavors.

    in 1850 they started amking gum in flavors and it became more popular then spruce gum.
  • better gum!

    they made gum with longer lasting flavor.
  • the first gum to be sold.

    the first gume to be sold was made oyut of chicle and made by john curtis and it was named pure spruce.
  • new way to be sold.

    new way to be sold.
    they started to sell chewing gum in vending machines.
  • bubble?

    the first gum that could bliw a bubble was made in 1906.
  • wrigley's doublemint.

    wrigley's doublemint.
    in 1914 the brand wrigleys double mint was created and became very popular.
  • better bubble gum.

    in 1928 the bran double bubble was made and made better bubbles.
  • all types of gum.

    all types of gum.
    now in 2012 there are all brans a nd flavors of gum. Now we have grape, watermelon, pumpkin pie, rootbeer float, mint, fruity, swaet, spicey, minty, etc.
  • i used google and typed in "the first gum".

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