Cis105 Timeline

By Taebee
  • The sims

    The sims
    The first sims game was released. I remember my mom playing this game all the time and I use to watch her play this game for hours. I wasn't a fan of it at first but it grew on me.
  • PowerMac G5 is released

    PowerMac G5 is released
    Apple released the Powermac G5 and it was hailed as the first true 64-bit personal computer of the time. I remember going to a friend's house, and their dad had one of these computers.
  • One laptop per child initiative began

    One laptop per child initiative began
    This targeted schools in the least developed countries so that they would have resources. My mom bought these. I always been about helping the world and when I heard about this in grade school My mom went out and bought me one and the other one she bought for the kid. At this time for them to receive the computer you would have had to buy it for them. I was happy to do my part in this.
  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin becomes popular a year after a user used the coins to order pizza. Delvopled by Satoshi Nakamoto. I later became aware of the dark web a few years later, and was abled to purchase stuff off of the site using bitcoins.
  • Facebook Buys instagram

    Facebook Buys instagram
    Facebook buys Instagram, merging them into one for easy sharing abilities. Personally the worst merge ever.