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  • Cinderella's Mom Dies Tragically

    Cinderella's Mom Dies Tragically
  • Cinderella's Father Marries

    Cinderella's Father Marries
    Cinderella's Father Marries her evil step mother. Cinderella gains two step sisters; Anastasia and Drizella. http://princess.disney.com/cinderellas-story
  • Cinderella's Dad Dies

    Cinderella's Dad Dies
    Cinderella's dad dies suddenly, leaving Cinderella at the age of sixteen to live with her evil step mother and evil step sisters.
  • Evil Step Mother Shows True Colors

    Evil Step Mother Shows True Colors
    After the death of Cinderella's father, the evil step mother shows her true colors by giving Cinderella all of the chores to complete. Cinderella does not participate in anything except chores.
  • Cinderella Gets Invited

    Cinderella Gets Invited
    Cinderella receives an invitation to the Prince's Ball he is having to find his future wife.
  • Cinderella Makes Dress, Step Mother Destroys

    Cinderella Makes Dress, Step Mother Destroys
    Cinderella makes a beautiful dress from a dress that her mom had a long time ago. The stepmother sees her making the dress and decides to destroy it and tells Cinderella that she may not go to the ball she has to many chores to do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdwnPqXY89o
  • Cinderella Ran Away

    Cinderella Ran Away
    After the evil step mother and sisters, ripped up her dress that she spent so much time working on, Cinderella runs away to the Garden City where she meets her Fairy God Mother.
    Fairy God Mother places a magic spell on Cinderella to give her a beautiful blue fancy dress to wear to the ball. However with the spell, Cinderella must be back before midnight or the spell will wear off.
  • Ball

    Cinderella attends the Ball and has a great time with Prince Charming. No one recognizes her and she slips running down the stairs. She leaves her shoe in the process because it is midnight and the spell is about to wear off.
  • Prince Charming

    Prince Charming
    Prince Charming remembers the night he had with Cinderella and goes on the search for her with her shoe. He finally finds the right foot at the last place he looks. Cinderella realizes Prince Charming loves her.
  • Happily Ever After

    Happily Ever After
    Cinderella and Prince Charming live happily ever after!