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Cinderella 2021 Timeline

  • Character Introduction

    Character Introduction
    The characters are introduced in the film by a talking butterflies that flies around the different scenes and the characters backgrounds.
  • Song 1: Rhythm Nation / You Gotta Be

    Song 1: Rhythm Nation / You  Gotta Be
    The first song that helps you start to understand the characters.
  • Song 2: Million to One

    Song 2: Million to One
    This song helps us understand Ella's true dream. Her dream is to make dresses and sell them all over the world. She does not want to get married to a rich man like all women seem to in this movie.
  • Proposal Rejection

    Proposal Rejection
    Prince Robert declines the proposition of marrying a princess who controlled all the way down to a “sea monster,” and claimed he was, “too busy to be patrolling these far off lands.”
  • Song 3: The New Barry

    Song 3: The New Barry
    This song shows how news gets out to the kingdom along with giving the news of the changing of the guard.
  • Changing of the Guard Preparation

    Changing of the Guard Preparation
    The stepmother and her step-daughters are preparing for the changing of the guard. Malvolia was pinching Narissa’s cheeks to bring color to her cheeks. Then they yell for Cinderella right as she is finishing up a dress. She then is told to leave it and that it is unbearable that any woman would consider being a part of business embarrassing.
  • The lecture

    The lecture
    Back at the castle king Rowan was “stewing in his own anger,” over the fact that he didn’t get the sea monster. Then showed a poster for “the king’s idiot son show.” The king just is obsessed
    With controlling land and getting more land.
  • Silence! Choir scene

    Silence! Choir scene
    They walk towards their “choir singers.” Prince Robert says, “Oh well it’s perfect then that mom came with three castles and a hundred horses or I suppose I never would’ve been born!” “Silence!” The king yelled and said that Robert should not have talked about what he didn’t understand. Then he threatened to give everything to his little sister. “Bum bum bum,” the Choir sang. Then said that there would be a ball while Prince Robert was protesting because of how formal they are.
  • Song 4: Somebody to Love

    Song 4: Somebody to Love
    Prince Robert was singing this while preparing for the changing of the guard. This shows how doubtful he is to find some one to love, until he sees Ella on the statue after she smart mouthed his father. He loved that and her and sang the last two words in the song in hope seeing the girl he knew he loved.
  • Proposition For The Ball

    Proposition For The Ball
    Robert then said that he would play the kings game but, he would just get to invite every commoner to the ball.
  • The plan

    Prince Robert then planned to find the girl aka Cinderella as a commoner.
  • Song 5: Material girl

    Song 5: Material girl
    Material girl is a song truly showing that she and her daughters believe that marriage is not for love but for money because they are gold diggers.
  • The purchase

    The purchase
    Cinderella is trying to sell her dress and a rich woman claims she stole it and would alert the king's guards to have arrested. Then the prince shows up and doesn’t see how women can own shops then buys a dress from her and convinces her to come to the ball and it works. Right before Prince Robert buys the dress, the Barry shows up and announces a ball in a song called: Shot At The Crown.
  • Song 6: Am I Wrong

    Song 6: Am I Wrong
    After getting to her basement with her new fabric Ella is struggling to design a dress while in the palace they are struggling to figure out their place and if things will work out at the ball.
  • The News

    The News
    Cinderella shows her steps the dress she made and then was told that she was spoken for by a weird guy called Thomas.
  • Song 7: Million To One Reprise

    Song 7: Million To One Reprise
    Cinderella cries while singing this song even if it won't happen right then she knows it will eventually.
  • Fabulous God Mother

    Fabulous God Mother
    Then the butterfly she saved turned into her fabulous god mother and was there to save Cinderella since she saved him.
  • Song 8: Shining Star

    Song 8: Shining Star
    While Cinderella's dress is transformed her Fabulous God Mother was singing this song. After the drawn dress is revealed on Ella She and her mice henchmen are all sent to the ball.
  • Song 9: Whatta Man & Seven Nation Army

    Song 9: Whatta Man & Seven Nation Army
    This song is a master piece of two different popular songs put together of the women trying to impress the prince mixed with a song showing the prince and his boy crew/posy singing of how they are going to fight off the women because they don't want to marry any of them.
  • The Ball In The Dress

    The Ball In The Dress
    Cinderella ended up running into her step mother and started to apologize like she had just gotten caught for being there but, her step mother didn't recognized her and thought she was nobility so Cinderella went with since the magic was working and no one could recognize her. Then a queen wanted her to meet her the next day so that she could have a chance to sail with her and design clothing for her the next day. Then she ran into a symbol and the prince recognized her.
  • Song 9: Perfect

    Song 9: Perfect
    This song originally by Ed Sharon was beautifully performed by Camila Cabello and Nicholas Galitzine (Ella & Prince Robert), to show their love for each other. This is the main romance song through the whole movie that truly shows their love for each other.
  • The Proposal For Marriage/The Run

    The Proposal For Marriage/The Run
    Prince Robert asks Ella to be his princess. She rejects him because she knew what it meant to be a princess, to give up on her dreams. She hugged him after Perfect (Reprise) and then he tries to get her out. When they are in the middle of the ball room King Rowan announced that she was the new queen. The Ella asked for help and Prince Robert helped her run out.
  • Song 10: Dream Girl

    Song 10: Dream Girl
    This song is about Vivian telling Ella that her dreams would never come true after finding the glass slipper.
  • Song 11: Shoe Made Of Glass

    Song 11: Shoe Made Of Glass
    This is the announcement of the prince looking for Ella.
  • Song 12: Million To One/Could Have Been

    Prince Robert is chasing after Ella and they meet in a grass meadow. She then says yes to marring him because he would rather her than the crown. They made up and then he helped her to get to see queen Tatiana.
  • Song 13: Let's Get Loud

    Song 13: Let's Get Loud
    Prince Robert introduces Ella to his parents and sister. Then she is introduced as his Love to the kingdom. King Rowan then says "That's it celebration over." "No, that felt so good," said queen Beatrice. Then the final song occurs as a celebration.