Cincinnati Reds History

By sedlere
  • First Red Stockings Game

    Henry Wright, the Reds first manager and founder, managed this game which was the first professional baseball game ever played.
  • Union Grounds

    Year in which the Reds began using Union Grounds as thier home stadium. This stadium could seat up to 4,000 fans and was located by what is now the Museum Center in the Union Terminal train station.
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    Cincinnati Reds History

  • First Loss

    The Reds loose thier first game ending an 81 game win streak.
  • Avenue Grounds

    In 1876 the Reds began using Avenue grounds as thier home stadium. The stadium was located 2 miles north from the previous stadium and could seat 3,000 fans.
  • National League is formed

    Cincinnati becomes a member of the National League along with Chicago, Boston, St. Louis, Hartford, Louisville, New York and Philadelphia.
  • Cincinnati Reds

    Year in which the team began being called the Cincinnati Reds, rather than the Cincinnati Red Stockings.
  • Bank Street Grounds

    Bank Street Grounds was used as the Reds home stadium beginning in 1880.
  • NL Expulsion

    The Reds were expelled from the National League because they refused to stop having games on Sundays and would not stop selling beer during games.
  • League Park

    1884 is the first year the Reds used Leauge Park as thier home stadium.
  • Opening Day

    Cincinnati celebrates Opening Day as the "holiday" it is today for the first time.
  • Re-admission to the NL

    The Reds were re-admitted into the National League.
  • First Opening Day Parade

    John T. Brush, owner of the Reds at the time, organized the first Opening Day Parade.
  • First No Hitter

    Bumpus Jones throws a no hitter in his debut game.
  • Palace of the Fans

    Palace of the Fans was used as the Reds stadium from 1902 until 1911. This park is the same park as League Park, but had renovations to the grandstand due to a fire. The grandstand had pillars and columns carved by hand and 19 boxes, which were similar to opera boxes.
  • Redland Field

    Redland Field was first used at the Reds home stadium in 1912. The first night game is MLB history was hosted in this stadium.
  • World Series

    The Reds win thier first World Series. The franchise has won six titles, and played in 9 World Series. This particular title was won against the Chicago White Sox. The 1919 World Series is now known for the Black Sox Scandal because Chicago was rumored to have thrown the series.
  • Crosley Field

    Crosley Field was the Reds home stadium from 1934 to 1970. It was originally Redland Field. The ballpark was the first to have a double-decker grandstand. The stadium is where Cincinnati hosted its first World Series Championship team.
  • First Night Game

    The Reds hosted the first night game in baseball.
  • No Hitter

    Johnny Vander Meer throws his first no hitter.
  • Record No Hitter

    John Vander Meer becomes the only professional baseball player to throw two consecutive no hitters.
  • First Televised Baseball Game

    The Reds played in the first televised baseball game against the Brooklyn Dodgers in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Joe Nuxhall

    Joe Nuxhall, a pitcher, becomes the youngest player to play in a Major League game.
  • Cincinnati Redlegs

    Year in which the team changed its name to the Cincinnati Redlegs because they did not want to be associated with Soviet Communists.
  • Cincinnati Reds

    The team changed its name back to the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Longest Game in History

    The Reds play the Giants in an game that lasted 21 innings.
  • Riverfront Stadium

    Riverfront Stadium was completed in 1970. It could seat up to 52,000 fans. The stadium was renamed Cinergy Field in 1996.
  • Pete Rose

    Pete Rose becomes baseball's all time hit leader with 4,192. Rose would extend the record to 4,256 hit before the end of his career.
  • Perfect Game

    Tom Browning throws the Reds only perfect game in history.
  • Cinergy Field is Demolished

    Cinergy Field is demolished using explosives for the new stadium, Great American Ballpark, to be built.
  • Great American Ballpark

    Cincinnati Reds' current home stadium. Many aspects of the design were influenced by the Reds' rich history.
  • Ken Griffey Jr.

    Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 500th homerun on Father's Day in St. Louis.