Chris McCandles's Journey Into The Wild

  • Everett Was Born

  • Everett has first solo trip

  • Everett returns home from solo trip

  • Everett changed his name multiple times

  • Blizzard finally stopped

    After a while of waiting, Jon Krakauer was finally able to head out. He was climbing Devil's Thumb and a storm was happening
  • Chris was born

  • Chris' fathers birthday

    Chris gives his father a telescope
  • Chris McCandless departed Carthage, South Dakota

    Chris worked here and earned some extra money
  • Chris McCandless departed Carthage, South Dakota

  • Stucky and McCandless arrived in Fairbanks

  • McCandless falls through the ice

    People were unsure if he was injured
  • Crhis' mother had a nightmare about him

  • Chris set out to hike to Lake Mead

  • Chris got tickted for hitchhiking near willow creek

  • Chris' story was published in local news

  • Story of McCandless was published

    The story was published in the Anchorage News
  • New York Times publishes story

  • Chris reached marreliows Dam

  • Chris set up camp in dsolent plateau

  • Chris left the metal boat on el Gidfo de sante clava