Chris LeDoux

  • Chris LeDoux was born

    Chris LeDoux was born in Biloxi Mississippi
  • Period: to

    Chris LeDoux

    Chris LeDoux was a great country artist and a world finals champion bareback rider.
    *The dates on this time line are not accurate but the years are!
  • Chris LeDoux's first rodeo

    Participated in first rodeo in Dension Texas
  • Rodeo Champion

    Little Britches bareback rodeo championship
  • Rodeo Champion

    Wyoming State High School Bareback Bronc Championship
  • Earned Rodeo scholarship

    he earned a scholarship to Casper College in Casper Wyoming
  • Rodeo Championship

    National Intercollegiate Bareback Riding Champion
  • Got married

    He got married to Peggy Rhoads on January 4, 1972, and they had five children: Clay, Ned, Will, Cindy and Beau
  • First album: Songs Of Rodeo Life

    Chris recorded this album in a basement studio in Sheridan, Wyoming
  • Rodeo Championship

    Bareback Bronc World Championship
  • The Death

    Chris LeDoux died in Casper Wyoming to cancer. He was cremated and had his ashes spread the next day.
  • Hall of Fame

    Chris was introduced to the hall of fame.