Chris Botti Timeline

  • Partnerships

    Chris Botti has been known to have worked with Buddy Rich's band with others like Frank Sinatra, continuing to make a huge name for himself as a performer (Michael Davis)
  • First tour

    First tour
    This year, Botti became a part of his first world tour along with Paul Simon's, which is how he grew and learned as a trumpet player (Chris Botti). Photo Courtesy The Colomby Group
  • First Album

    This date marked the release of Chris Botti's first solo album, which would be the first of many in his long career.
  • CD release

    This CD named "When I Fall in Love" put Botti at the top of the selling chain as an American instrumentalist (
  • "Freelance" appearances

    Botti, while being very busy already, also makes time to volunteer as a guest on a few occasions, such as the HoustonPBS show. He even comes up with a little theme song for Ernie.
  • Latest interview

    Botti once again makes an interview appearance, this time with his old friend Micheal Davis, as they both talk about the past 30 years (or more) since Botti's career had started. (This is part one of three to this interview)
  • Latest Recording

    This year, Chris Botti's "Impressions" won a grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Album (