Child Development- Reflex Abilities

  • Grasping Reflex

    All new borns are born with the ability to grasp; New borns will close their fingers tightly around an object placed in their hands.
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    Reflex Abilities During 1st Year

  • Tonic Neck Reflex

    When you move the head of an infant who is lying down, they will respond by reaching out the arm, that is on the side where the ehad is facing, with the hand partly open. The other arm will become flexed, and the fist will be clenched. If you turn the baby's head, the arm/hand positions will reverse.
  • Parachute Reflex

    In older infants (about 7 months), they develop wheat is known as the Parachut Reflex. The Parachute Reflex is when a baby extends out its arms and legs when it thinks it is going to fall.
  • Postural Fixation (Spine)

    Minimally pushing on the shoulder of a reaching arm, will make the child loose their balance and show a slight curving in the spine.