African-American History: Technology & Contributions

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In History
  • First Clock

    First Clock
    Invented by: Benjamin Banneker
  • First Almanac

    First Almanac
    Invented by: Benjamin Banneker
  • Automatic Oil/Lubricator Cup

    Automatic Oil/Lubricator Cup
    Invented by: Elijah McCoy
  • The Potato Chip

    The Potato Chip
    Invented by: George Crum
  • Carbon-Filament Light Bulb

    Carbon-Filament Light Bulb
    Invented by: Lewis Latimer
  • Corn Husker & Sheller

    Corn Husker & Sheller
    Invented by: Martha Jones
  • Steam Cooker

    Steam Cooker
    Invented by: Mary Jones De Leon
  • Dough Kneader & Roller

    Dough Kneader & Roller
    Invented by: Judy W. Reed
  • 1885 Folding Cabinet Bed

    1885 Folding Cabinet Bed
    Invented by: Sarah Goode
  • Strongbox (Lockbox)

    Strongbox (Lockbox)
    Invented by: Henry Brown
  • Multiplex Telegraph

    Multiplex Telegraph
    Invented by: Granville T. Woods
  • Mechanical Clothes Wringer

    Mechanical Clothes Wringer
    Invented by: Ellen Eglin
  • Shoe Lasting Machine

    Shoe Lasting Machine
    Invented by: Jan Ernst Matzeliger
  • Protective Mailbox

    Protective Mailbox
    Invented by: Phillip B. Downing
  • The Iron Board

    The Iron Board
    Invented by: Sarah Boon
  • Thousands of Uses for the Peanut

    Thousands of Uses for the Peanut
    Invented by: George Washington Carver
  • Folding Bed

    Folding Bed
    Invented by: Leonard C. Bailey
  • Archie Alphonso Alexander

    Archie Alphonso Alexander
    First Black Engineer
  • Gas Mask

    Gas Mask
    Invented by: Garrett Morgan
  • Elmo Brady

    Elmo Brady
    First African-American to obtain a Doctorate of Chemistry
  • Traffic Light

    Traffic Light
    Invented by: Garrett Morgan
  • Blood Bank

    Blood Bank
    Invented by: Charles Richard Drew
  • Refrigerated Trucks

    Refrigerated Trucks
    Invented by: Frederick McKinley Jones
  • Harold Amos

    Harold Amos
    First African-American Microbiologist
  • Control Unit for Pacemaker

    Control Unit for Pacemaker
    Invented by: Otis Boykin
  • Electroacoustic Transducer Electric Microphone (ETEM)

    Electroacoustic Transducer Electric Microphone (ETEM)
    Invented by: James Edward Maceo
  • Home Surveillance System

    Home Surveillance System
    Invented by: Marie Van Brittain Brown
  • Shirley Ann Jackson

    Shirley Ann Jackson
    First African American Woman to obtain a Doctorate of Physics
  • Optical Illusion Transmitter

    Optical Illusion Transmitter
    Invented by: Valerie Thomas
  • IBM PC Monitor

    IBM PC Monitor
    Invented by: Mark Dean
  • TATB Spot Test

    TATB Spot Test
    Invented by: Betty Wright Harris
  • Laserphaco Probe

    Laserphaco Probe
    Invented by: Patricia Era Bath
  • Gigahertz Chip

    Gigahertz Chip
    Invented by: Mark Dean
  • Database Software Program

    Database Software Program
    Invented by: Janet Emerson Bashen
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    Contributions of the African-American