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  • Phosphorus

    Robert Boil an alchemist discovered phosphorus, by trying to burn his pee trying to see if it would turn into gold.
  • Fire

    German chemist Johann Becker said that it was caused by an entity named phlogiston
  • Carbon Dioxide, Mercuride oxide

    Carbon Dioxide, Mercuride oxide
    Joseph Priestley amateur chemist, was fascinated by fixed air, he may have made the fiz in soda and etc. First professional scientist
  • Hydrogen

    Henry Cavendish(Hydrogen)the most richest of the learned and the most learned of the rich, they assumed that he may have autism, He had discovered the Gas Element Hydrogen.
  • Oxygen

    Antoine Lavoiser's, proved that phlogiston didn't exist it was oxygen, recognized its significance
  • Potassium

    Humphrey Davy- Created potassium he split potash forcing an element we have never seen before