Chasing Lincon's Killer

  • Booths group

    Booth organized a group of people loyal too him.
  • Booth's Plan

    Booth and his group made a plan to ambush lincolns carrage.
  • Parade

    There was a torch parade. There was thousands of people.
  • Speech

    Lincoln said a speech that provoked more violent talk.
  • Lincoln's shot

    John W. Booth shoots President Lincoln.
  • John runs

    John shoots lincoln then tries to run but get his jacket pulled back by Major Rathbone.
  • Lincoln enters

    Lincoln enters fords theatre at 8:30 p.m.
  • Lincoln dies

    Abraham Lincoln dies in a hospital bed.
  • Atzerot Accidentaly Reveals himself

    Atzerot Accidentaly Reveals himself is important because he would have most likely gotten away.
  • manhunters investigate

    Tha manhunters investigate the mudd residence.
  • Funeral

    Abraham Lincoln's funeral.
  • Hiding out

    Booth and harald hide in the pine thicket
  • Set sail

    Booth and harold set sail for verginia again.
  • Meet the soldiers

    Booth and harold meet the soldiers and cross the rappahannock
  • discovery

    Lafayette discovers that booth is in virginia.
  • the cavalry arrived.

    The cavalry meet booth in virginia.
  • Booth dies

    John W. Booth dies
  • Booth captured

    John W. Booth gets trapped in the barn.
  • Booth shot

    Booth gets shot behind the ear
  • Booth in barn

    Booth is sleeping in the barn.