Chase's NASA timeline

  • Gemini 3

    Gemini 3's main purpose was to test the new more maneuverable Gemini space craft. This new more maneuverable technolagy can help us research without anything hitting our probes or space shuttles.
  • Apollo 14

    Apollo 14 was sent to the moon to resaerch more thuorghly even though we have already been to the moon before. Carried astrounts to the moon were they could conduct experiments.
  • Apollo 17

    Apollo 17 was launched to research the Taurus-Littrow region. Its purpose was to coduct geologichal surveys and to collect materials and rersaerch them. This mission let us resaerch things we cant due from Earth.
  • Hubble Space Telescope

    Hubble Space Telescope takes pictures of the univerese. The Hubble Telescope helps us to learn about the univerese and take pictures of things we might not see with telesopes on Earth.