Charlie Gordon

  • Progress Report 1

    An illiterate man named Charlie Gordon beins writing Journal entries as a request of his doctor. "Dr. Struass says I shud rite down what I think and evrey thin that happins to me from now on" (371).
  • Progress Report 2

    Charlie takes a test and his confidence level is not very high because of his illiteracey. " I had a test today. I think i faled it" (371).
  • Progress Report 4

    As it turns out he has been taking the test to be used. Used in what, Charlie does not say. But nhe seems excited to be used. " Their going to use me! I am so excited I can hardly write" (374).
  • Progress Report 5

    Charlie is being wished luck and he doe snot understand why. " Im skared. Lots of people who work here and the nurses and the people who gave me the tests came to bring me candy and wish me luck" (375).
  • Progress Report 8

    Finally Charlie is allowed to go get a job he starts to work in the factory, but Charlie still has to return to the hospital for an hour every night. " Im going back to work a the factery. They said it was better I shud go back to work but I cant tell anyonewhat operashun was for and I have to come to the hospitil for an hour evry night after work" (376).
  • Progress Report 9

    Charlie gets the news that he beat Algernon. " I beat Algernon! I dint even know i beat him until Burt the tester told me" (379).
  • Progress Report 12

    After going back to work for a little while Charlie no longer likes Where he works so he quits. "I've quit my job with Donnegan's Plastic Box Commpany" (388).
  • Progress Report 12

    Charlie has been slacking on writing his journal entries and Dr. Strauss is not very happy with Charlie. "Dr. Straussis very angryat me for not having written my progress reports in two weeks" (389).
  • Progress Report 13

    Charlie sees Algernon inthe Lab. Algernon bites Charlie. " It happened today. Algernon bit . I visited the lab to see him as I do occasionally, and when I took hi m out of his cage, he snapped at my hand" (393).
  • Progress Report 13

    Charlie discovers that Algernon is changing. "Burt, who is in charge of the experimental animals, tells me Algernon is changing"(393).
  • Progress Report 13

    Algernon is not getting any better and Charlie is starting to worry.
    " They've been feeding Algernon, who now refuses to work in the shifting- lock problem" (393).
  • Progress Report 13

    Charlie sends a letter to Dr. Strauss. In the letter Charlie talks about the project he was a part of. "The Algernon-Gordon Effect: A Study of Structure and Function of Increased Intelligence" (394).
  • Progress Report 13

    Charlie really starts to understand what teh experiments are all about. "I must not become emotional. The facts and the results of my experiments are clear, and the more sensational aspects of my on rapid climb cannot obsure the faact that the tripling intelligence by he surgical technique developed by Drs. Strauss and Nemur must be viewed as having little or no practicability (at the present time) to the increase of human intelligence" (395).
  • Progress Report 13

    CHarlie looks back at the progress reports from the ver beginning and can barley understand them. "I was looking at my old progress reportsand its ver funny but I cant read what I worte" (399).
  • Progress Report 13

    Charlie is slowly losing his memory. " I did a dumb thing today I forgot I wasnt in Miss Kinnians class at the adult center any more like it used to be" (400).
  • Final Progress Report

    Charlie says good bye to everyone from where he lives. " Good-by Miss Kinnian and Dr. Strauss and everybody. And P.S. please tell Dr. Nemur not to be such a grouchwhen pepul laff at him and he would have more friends" (401).
    Charlie is greatful for his second chance at being smart. " If you ever reed this Miss Kinnian dont be sorry for me Im glad I got a second chanse to be smart becaus I lerned a lot of things... and Im grateful that I saw it all for a little bit" (401).