Charlie Gordon

  • Progress Report #1

    The begining of Charlie's journal states that he will "rite down what I think and evreything that happens to me from now on" He said that is what "Dr Strauss says" (371).
  • Progress Report #2

    This is the second progress report that Charlie does. He said "I had atest today. I think I failed it, and I think that maybe now they won't use me" (371) Charlie's state of mind is pretty sad and that he thinks he has no upside. Kind of depressed.
  • Progress Report #3

    In this submission Charlie's teachers stated that " I tryed the hardest and I really wanted to learn." This shows that Charlie really does try. He also mentioned that " (373) all my life I wanted to be smart not dumb
  • Progress Report #4

    This is one of the first up beat moments since Charlie first started his joural he said that "Dr Nemur was worryed about using me but Dr Strauss told him Miss Kinnian recommended me the best from all the people who was teaching" (374).
  • Progress Report #5

    In this passage I start to feel that Charlie is kind of insecure. He said that he "I got my rabbits foot and my lucky penny and my horse shoe." (375) He just dosen't seem normal.
  • Progress Report #6

    "They took all the bandana's off my head today." (376) In these last couple passages inclubding this one I just kind of feel that Charlie is hhiding himself.
  • Progress Report #7

    Charlie said that " I hate that mouse. He always beat me." (376) As I read these passages I notice more and more that the little things are always get to Charlie's head.
  • Progress Report #8

    This eventually is getting to a sad stage that " They are gonna pay me mony every month to get smart" (376)
  • Progress Report #9

    In this report Charlie is kind of clueless with alot of things. If you think about it it is pretty unforunate for example "Dr Strauss showed me how to keep the Tv turned low so now I can sleep. I dont hear a thing. And I still dont understand whit it says" (378.)
  • Progrss Report #11

    In this report it is full of mixed emotions. Charlie said "I guess I'm still a little angry that all the time people were laughing and making fun of me because I wasn't smart" (384) He seems a little like he is still mad about the past but happy about the present and future to come.
  • Progress Report #12

    In this passage Charlie talks about how Charlie " quit my job with Donnegan's Plastic box company" (388.) Mr Donnegan insitsted that it would be better for all concered If I left" (388.)
  • Progress Report #13

    In this passage we find out that "Algernon is changing" (393.) They said he "is less co-operative; he refuses to run the maze; any more: general motvation has decrased" (393.) And by the way he bit Charlie.