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    charlie chaplin
    Who is Charlie Chaplin?
    Charlie spencer Chaplin is a fames comedy, British actress who started singing and doing performances, until he did silent films and became famous after a poor childhood and struggling.
    What is “Charlie Chaplin “known as?
    Charlie Chaplin is a comedy silent film that is done by an actor who’s Charlie Chaplin.
    When was he born, and died?
    Charlie Chaplin was born in April 16th, 1889, and died in December 25th, 1977.
    Where did “Charlie Chaplin” film get published?
    It g
  • Mae West

    Mae West
    Who is Mae West?
    Mae West’s real name is Mary Jane, who’s a famous comedian American actress and writer.
    What are some of the movies she did (acted)?
    Some of the movies she has acted were my little chickadee; I am no angels, and she done him wrong.
    When was she born and when did she die?
    Mae West was born in Woodhaven in August 17th, 1893, and died in November 22nd, 1980.
    Why did she choose to become an actor?
    She started making armature shows on stage when she was 7 years old and won p
  • Talkies

    What are talkies?
    Talkies are films or movies with motion pictures and no sounds, or sometimes sound technology coupled to image.
    Where did they take place?
    Talkies first took place in Paris, France in 1900.
    When did they take place?
    By the early 1930’s, talkies started taking place and being famous.
    Why are talkies important? Why were they invented?
    They have invented it because they didn’t have the sound emotions, and it was hard to achieve back time. And it was one of the most powerful
  • louice brooks

    louice brooks
    Who is Louise Brooks?
    She is a very famous model (showgirl), dancer and an actor in the US.
    What are some of problems or struggles she has been through?
    When she was nine years old, she was sexually abused by a neighborhood predator, which influenced her life and career because she had trouble trusting and loving men.
    When was her first major accomplishment in her life?
    One of her major accomplishment in her life career was the silent film “the street of forgotten men” in 1925, and then sh