Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Charlie Bucket and his Family

    In the book, we meet Charlie Bucket and the members of his family. They are: Mr. Bucket, Mrs. Bucket, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine, Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina.
  • The Story of Willy Wonka

    Throughout the story, we get told the story of the legendary Willy Wonka. He grew up with a strict father and wasn't allowed to eat candy. This made him passionate about candy and specifically chocolate. He then decides to start Wonka's chocolate factory, which is essential for the story.
  • The Cocolate Palace

    Willy Wonka builds a chocolate palace for Prince Pondicherry. Willy Wonka warns Prins Pondicherry that the palace will eventually melt and that he should start eating it straight away. Prince Pondicherry ignores him and wakes up one day swimming in chocolate because the castle melted.
  • The 10 Pound Bill

    Every year, Charlie gets a chocolate bar and this year he tries hes luck by attempting to find the golden ticket. His luck is not htere at first, but then he finds a 10 pound bill on the ground. W
  • Charlie Got Lucky

    After Charlie finds the 10-pound bill, he walks to the nearest store he could find and buys a Wonka bar. sadly, he doesn't find the highly sought after golden ticket. Later, he buys another Wonka bar and this time he gets the golden ticket.
  • Chocolate River Doesn't Deliver

    The first room the winners enter is the chocolate room. Everything in this room is made out of chocolate and Willy Wonka says they can eat everything they would fancy in this room. They all do, but Augustus gets a little too excited and goes for the chocolate river. he ends up falling into it and sucked up by one of the pipes transporting chocolate. Augustus is now eliminated from the competition.
  • The Unknown Workers

    Right after Augustus gets transported with the chocolate pipes, we meet the Oompa Loompas. These are the unknown workers inside the chocolate factory. We are told the story of the Oompa Loompas and how Willy Wonka discovered them. The Ooma Loompas then sing a song about Augustus Gloop falling into the chocolate river.
  • Unnecessary Blueberry

    The next room they are shown is the inventing room. Willy Wonka shows off his new gum, which isn’t fully developed yet. Violet tries the gum anyways, despite Willy Wonka telling her not to, and she turns big and blue like a blueberry. She is now the second kid out of the competition for the special prize and has to be compressed back to her normal size.
  • The Candy Boat

    After Augustus has been captured by the pipes transporting chocolate, everyone else boards the candy boat. This boat looks similar to a Viking boat, but is made entirely out of candy. They then take a ride with the candy boat and pass a lot of different doors along the way.
  • Thrown Down From Squirrel Town

    The next room they get to is the nut room. Veruca asks her dad angrily if she can get one of the squirrels cracking open nuts as her pet. Her dad refuses to go down to the squirrels, so Veruca decides to do it herself. They all attack her and throws her down to the garbage. She is now the 3rd of the 5 kids to lose out on the special prize.
  • Mike's Downfall Turning Small

    The 4th room they visit is a room were Willy Wonka has managed to invent a machine where he can transport items to different places in the world. When the items are being transported, they shrink in size. Mike tries to do it with himself anyways and ends up shrinking. Mike is now also out of the competition, leaving Charlie the only kid left.
  • Squad Gets Thinner, and Charlie is the Winner

    Willy Wonka now realizes that Charlie is the only kid left in the competition for the special prize and congratulates Charlie. Willy Wonka picks up Charlie and his family in his glass elevator and they blast off into space.
  • The Never-Ending Chocolate

    As seen towards the end of the story, all the four bad kids are given truckloads of chocolate. Even though they lost out on the special prize, they win these trucks of chocolate to never run out ever again.
  • Last Man Standing

    Throughout the visit to the chocolate factory, each kid does something they were told not do, and are eliminated from the special prize by doing these actions. In the end, Charlie is the most well-behaved and the most patient kid, therefore he ends up winning the special prize.
  • Happy Ending

    At last, Charlie and his family become rich by moving into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, and Willy Wonka himself finally get's a family again.