Charles S. Stratton: General Tom Thumb

By calebc4
  • Birth

    Born to Sherwood And Cynthia Stratton.
  • Period: to

    General Tom Thumb

  • Not Growing?

    Not Growing?
    I wasn't growing and inch at all by age 4.
  • Career Beggining

    Career Beggining
    Barnum made my name General Tom Thumb and put out photos and advertised me.
  • Tour

    I had my 5th birthday and started my first american tour. I did impersonations, sung, and danced.
  • England

    Barnum and went to england for a tour.
  • The Queen

    The Queen
    We were invited to meet Queen Victoria of England and performed for her.
  • The King of France

    The King of France
    Barnum and I met with King Louis Phillipe next.
  • William

    While I was on a tour, my parents had a 2nd boy, my brother.
  • Death in the family

    Death in the family
    My father died and i was heartbroken.
  • Marriage

    I married Lavinia Warren. The wedding was widely announced and we made money off it from people watching.
  • Tour with Lavina

    Tour with Lavina
    Lavina and I went on a tour around the world.
  • Fire

    An fire broke out in the Strattons hotel and they barely escaped with there lives. I was never the same.
  • Death

    I died.