Charles darwin

Charles Darwin\ Mario Rojas

  • Charles Darwin is Born

    Charles Darwin is Born
    On February 12 1809 at his family house in Shrewsbury,England, Darwin was born as the fifth son of a society doctor and a financier.
  • Period: to

    Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England. He died in Kent, England.
  • Voyage of the Bagle

    Voyage of the Bagle
    After going to school and studying various theories, Darwin was invited to go on a voyage with Robert FitzRoy to the coast of South America for two years. While there, Darwin wrote notes about many of the species he saw while on the ship. Also, he found recently extinct species' fossils and began to theorise about geology and extiction of animals.
  • Idea of Evolution

    Idea of Evolution
    When Darwin came back, he was already a celebrity in science as of 1935. The fossils that Darwin found were that of 4 different extinct species. Darwin wrote in his "Red Notebook" about the possibilty that one species does change into another. While he wrote about his thoughts on lifespan, sexual and asexual reproduction in his "B" notebook.
  • Charles Darwin's Troubles

    Charles Darwin's Troubles
    Darwin was way too overworked by his studies and his intensive study on transmutation. He said that he had an uncomfortable palpitation of the heart. By June his had stomach problems, heart symptoms and headaches. He was sent to lay on his bed for days.
  • Charles Darwin's Marriage

    Charles Darwin's Marriage
    Darwin proposed to Emma Wedgwood, his cousin, on November 11. On January 29, they got married in Maer. They had 10 children. Only seven made it past 10 years old.
  • Darwin's Book of Natural Selection

    Darwin's Book of Natural Selection
    On this day, 1,250 copies of "On the Origin of Species" were sent to booksellers. Some, people dismiseed the idea of Natural Selection and evolution. The book was popular and was translated in many different languages. It also started a giant argument about the religous and scientific theory of evoulution. Science won the arguement.
  • Darwin's Death

    Darwin's Death
    Darwin died on this day. He died in his house, Down House. He was recommended by his collegues to be buried by Isaac Newton and John Herschel.He was a huge part of the evolutionary theory.