Charles Darwin

  • The childhood of Charles Darwin

    The childhood of Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, United Kingdom, in the mount house, a Gregorian house in which he resided with his father, who later passed, leaving Charles as the only Darwin family member living in the house at the time, which ultimately resulted in the auctioning of the house.
  • Darwin's Education

    Darwin's Education
    Darwin spent many of his adolescent years observing his father's professional medical background. Initially grasping the fundamentals of human psychology, Darwin later attended the Angelican Shrewsbury school. At the age of 16, Darwin's father sent him to Edinburgh University. Darwin later went on to attended Cambridge University in 1828.
  • Darwin's Initial Studies

    Darwin's Initial Studies
    While studying at Cambridge, Darwin's scientific interest had shifted to natural history. In the midst of his studies, Darwin took a voyage with the British Royal Navy, where he surveyed the coastline of South America.
  • Theory of Evolution

    Theory of Evolution
    While on his voyage in the mainland and the Galapagos Islands, Darwin discovered the finches having different beak characteristics, making it easier to gather food, depending on where they were located. His observations led him to discovers that the finches had evolved over time through "Natural Selection".
  • Scientific Findings

    Scientific Findings
    Darwin's voyage took roughly five years, and throughout his journey he gathered data through his observations of plant and animal species. However, it was the finches he had observed in the Galapagos Islands and the mainland that led to his study on the Theory of Evolution. Darwin finished his expedition, and retuned to England on October 2, 1836.
  • Natural Selection

    Natural Selection
    Darwin's theory of evolution through natural selection led him to conclude that finches that had evolved their beaks to gather food more easily, were more likely to survive over those that didn't. The evolved finches would then reproduce and their offspring would take on such traits.After Darwin had return to England, he went on the officially establish his findings in 1859.
  • Darwin's Life After

    Darwin's Life After
    After Darwin's voyage and scientific discovery, he continued to study in the science field, oversaw numerous scientific positions, and overall impacted the scientific community immensely. On April 10, 1882, Darwin passed following a heart attack and numerous seizures he had endured the previous Christmas.