Charles Darwin

  • Charles Darwin Introduction

    Charles Darwin Introduction
    Charles Darwin, a British Naturalist/Geologist was born on February 12, 1809, in Shrewsbury, England. His parents were Robert Darwin (Medical Director) and Susannah Wedgwood. Darwin had three sisters and one brother. Darwin attended Edinburgh University (1825) and Cambridge University(1828) to pursuit a medical degree and to become a priest. Charles married Emma Wedgwood and the couple had 10 children. He was awarded the Copley Medal. Darwin died April 10, 1882 due to a massive heart attack.

    Darwin, unlike many others questioned the evolution of plants and animals. He ventured on a 5-year journey throughout South America studying various plants and animal evolutions. During this voyage, he found different versions of the same type of birds. His assumption was that the birds’ differences could be due to environmental changes and survivability measures. He also found fossils of animals that were like current animals that he encountered.
  • Theory of Natural Selection (Evolution)

    Theory of Natural Selection (Evolution)
    Charles Darwin observations during his voyage, helped to support his theory of natural selection. For example, his contributions helped to support the idea that species of a particular animal all derived from an original source. As the land and environment changes the animal or plants adjust to survive. This is defined as natural selection. His theory helped to support the potential reason that some animals became extinct in certain areas as well.
  • Darwin Theories Sketched on Paper

    Darwin Theories Sketched on Paper
    Darwin decided to sketch his theory on natural selection covering over 35 pages. He had no intentions on publishing his theories because as Darwin used this analogy this would be like confessing to murder if his theory would have been released while he was still alive.
  • Darwin Authored books

    1859- Origin of Specimens 1868- The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication 1871- The Descent of Man 1872- The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals