Charles Darwin 1809-1882

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    Darwin-Theory Development

    Darwin Voyaged on a ship called the Beagle where he observed different species of birds which essentially acted as the basis for the development of his theory of natural selection.
  • Evolution of Natural Selection: London Years

    Darwin experimented with seeds in seawater, to prove that they could survive ocean crossings to start the process of speciation on islands. This allowed Darwin to perfect his analogue theory of natural selection with a more artificial selection
  • Release of On the Origin of Species

    Darwin released his book On the Origin of Species which introduced society essentially to the Evolution of Natural Selection. Which is that organisms that are better accommodated with their environment have better chances of survival and better chances of procreating
  • Release of: The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex

    Darwin’s The Descent of Man presented evidence that humans are animals – we are members of the ape family and are the descendants of apes