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By sp4g1
  • Jan 1, 1513

    Set Sail For Bimini

    Set Sail For Bimini
    The Puerto Rico governor named Juan Ponce de Leon he set sail to find the island Bimini and ended up in the easten Florida.
  • Jan 1, 1539

    Searching For Gold

    Searching For  Gold
    Another spanish explorer Hernado de Soto landed in Florida he was searching for gold.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1539 to Jan 1, 1540

    He Was Looking For Gold

    Another spa.nished expolorer Hernando de Soto Landed in Florida he was searching for gold
  • Jan 1, 1565

    Spanish Found A City In Florida

    Spanish Found A City In Florida
    The spanish founded a city that became St. Augutine on the east coast of Florida.
  • Sail The Rivers And Lakes

    Sail  The Rivers And Lakes
    Robert La Salle headed an expedition that sailed thourgh the Great Lakes and down the Mississippi valley and all the rivers that flow into the Mississippi for his king Louis 14 of France.
  • Period: to

    The Move

    This trade was very importen around the same time conficts grew between the the settlers and the Native Americans. They were forced to give up there land and move farther westward, away farther westward, away from the settles.
  • Period: to

    The New Untied States

    The newly formed Untied States goernment tried to help end these conflits, President George Washington encouraged the Cherokee to stop hunting and to focus more on farming instead.
  • Period: to

    Forming A New Goverment

    The Cherokee decided that forming a new goverment would help them hold onto thier land they wrote a constitution in 1827
  • Gold Was Found

    Gold Was Found
    Gold was found in Dahlonega a town in northern Georgia.
  • Settlers Wanted There Land

    Settlers Wanted There Land
    Cherokee land in 1828 settlers were even more determined to forced the Cherokee off their lands.
  • Railroad Center

    Railroad Center
    Atlanta started as a failroad center in 1837
  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln who was running for president.
  • Period: to

    After The Civil War

    After the Civil War the suth began to rebuild it was called reconstruction.
  • Atlanta Became a Capital

    Atlanta Became a Capital
    Atlanta became a capital of Georgia after the Civil War.
  • Black And White People

    Black And White People
    Many southeastern states enforced "Jim Crow" laws separating white and black people in public places this is known as segregation.
  • The New Capital Building

    The New Capital Building
    The new capital building was dedicated on July 4, 1889.