Chapter set four summary

  • “No more dispossessing of the dispossessed!”

    During a rally that the narrator holds, the crowd chants "no more dispossessing of the dispossessed!". The following chant could mean a variety of things, but further along in the rally we find that the main meaning behind this was that fact that privaledges were being lost when there were hardly any privaledges to being with.
  • The narrators speech main meaning

    During the rally, the narrator explains how they (black people) have been deprived of their sight. Meaning, they have no say in what they want to happen, or what they feel what would be best. Their rights are decided for them, causing them not to have real sight to the the lack of independce.
  • The brothers criticize his speech for its inflammatory, unscientific style

    Because of this, the narrator is forced to be sent home and study the scientific ideolgy to improve his style of speech.
  • Protest in Harlem against Ras the Exhorter

    The Brotherhood holds a rally in protest of the racist eviction policies in Harlem. Ras and his followers disrupt the rally, which then results in a brawl. Ras pulls out a knife but spares Clifton and the narrator because they are of the same color. Ras, explaining that the narrator should not be working for white folk because they are nothing but trouble and they are the reasoning behind these evicitons.
  • Wrestrum accuses the narrator of using the Brotherhood to further his own personal ambitions

    Wrestrum points to a magazine interview as evidence. The committee finds the narrator innocent in regard to the magazine article but decides to conduct an investigation of his other work with the Brotherhood. They transfer him downtown, out of the Harlem District, and assign him as a women's rights spokesperson.
  • The narrator recieves a letter stating that he is in danger..

    The letter he receives from an anonymous person stating, “don’t fight too hard or too fast”. The meaning behind this could be that he is working with people of different color, and of a high power. Putting him in danger with any moves he makes, or any harm he has done, or will do. Because the people he works with ase so powerful, consequences based on his actions couldd be very extreme.