Chapter 4 timeline

  • America enters ww2

    America enters ww2
    America again didn't want to get involved with another war.
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    WW1 was one of the shorter wars. It was a total of 4 years.
  • America enters WW1

    America didn't want to get into a war that was mainly involved in Europe.
  • The Race Riot

    The Race Riot
    This was caused because of people's race and it resulted in the lynching of Will Brown, a black civilian, the death of two white rioters, and many injuries caused and to the Omaha Police Department
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    The Great Depression

    This was a time where people didn't have enough money for things. Money didn't really amount to anything.
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    dust bowl

    The dust bowl was really bad. A lot of people left because of it. Nobody could farm because of the dust.
  • Black Sunday

    Black Sunday
    Black Sunday was a dust storm that was really bad. One of the worst dust storms that there was.
  • The first session of the Unicameral

    The first session of the Unicameral
    The Unicameral is something very rare. Nebraska is the only state to have a Unicameral. A Unicameral is where there is only one house used to make laws instead of two.
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    WW2 was a very bad war. A lot of people died including over 6 million documented Jew deaths.
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    Sac is at Offutt air force base.

    SAC was very importnat for its time and even had a plane in the air 24/7 so that they wouldn't lose their information if the physical building were to be bombed/destroyed.
  • UNL students protest the Vietnam war

    UNL students protest the Vietnam war
    Students wanted the Vietnam war to end.
  • Nebraska population

    Nebraska's population reached 1,500,000 in 1980.